The best way to start your campaign lies just behind the big red button. Our new version lets you create a campaign within 5 minutes to allow you to spend more time making sales and closing deals.


Create and add steps to your campaign to complete a sequence of first step emails and follow-ups. Hit the Add Campaign Steps button, give your campaign a fitting name and choose the number of steps you'd like to utilise.


Organize a schedule for your campaigns to make sure prospects receive your messages during peak hours. Analyze tracking data to better plan when contacts are most likely to write you a response.

Add People

When you're ready, add people that will be the basis of your campaign and will recieve your emails. You can add people from your own imported lists or from our Finder tool during the lead generation process.

Review and Launch

Now you can see for yourself if everything is correct or enjoy our 100% customization option allowing you the opportunity to change every single message for each individual contact. And you're done! Your campaign will start as soon as you hit the Run button.

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