Introducing: Inbox

Inbox is a new addon to Reply that automatically sorts all
your incoming emails, based on response.

In short

Our smart Inbox feature will automatically sort all responses to emails sent via Reply based on their content. You will be able to see who is interested in your request right away without a need to go through all of the replies.

Start using Inbox


Custom statuses

Rename existing statuses or create new ones. Our system will sort replies based on the names of your custom statuses.

Handle emails fast

You will be able to respond to emails immediately from the application web interface. Use email templates to process the same types of emails faster.


Automatically sync statuses with your CRM. Just match the status names in Reply to your CRM and they will be automatically synced.

How it works:

You may be wondering
how accurately we can do this

We are very accurate. Reply's classification is a semi-automated process, that means
we use a combination of computer processing + human diligence to provide the most accurate results.
Due to our human element, it could take some time to process new
replies, but we are committed to making this time as short as possible