4 Tips on How to Create Amazing Cold Emails for Recruiting (+ templates)

The main diffuculty when dealing with “cold” emails (and calls) in terms of recruiting is that people your company is interested already get a large volume of emails from other organizations. Therefore, a letter should be something to stand out from many others.

That’s why we included 4 key tips on creating kickstart cold emails for recruiting and included template samples you could customize and use in your current campaign or for A/B template testing to see yourself whether it works for you.

Tip #1: Your email should stand out

Most of the “cold” emails are generated automatically or the contents copied from other posts and replaced with only the name of the recipient. It’s highly important you include the evidence that would allow people to understand that there was some effort put into knowing them better. For example, such evidence may be a comment on professional performance on the conference, a recent corporate blog post or company achievement.

Tip #2: Don’t explain what the company does

Nowadays explanation of basic things is just a waste of time. If the interviewee is familiar with the company, he already knows what you do. If he hears about the company/project for the first time, detailed explanations simply turn your email to “another-one-looking-completely-similar” to all those already sent to the trash. If you’re not sure whether the candidate knows your brand, you can simply include several words about what your company deals with or just indicate the area of industry. That will be completely enough.

Tip #3: Your main goal is to schedule a call/meeting

Any verbal communication is still considered to be much more effective than even the most informative correspondence. In case of hiring a prospective candidate the situation is the same, so the message should entail just enough information so that the recipient agrees to meet or jump on a call.

Tip #4: Always analyze your email campaign data

Contacts with potential employees is similar to the process of sale and I’m sure that analysis of this type of communication will help you make the right conclusion and develop a script that is going to bring you the best results ever possible. If you’re using Reply, you can always see the stats for every single prospect along with detailed campaign data as well as A/B test results for email bodies and subjects. Go ahead and make use of most engaging and reply-provoking templates you can find!

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