7 Steps to Start Email Automation Campaign

If you have never considered outbound before and would like to start doing outbound sales from the scratch, there are 7 steps you should know about to start email campaign to bring you the best possible results.

1. Source of leads/list of emails

One of the best sources of leads I know is LinkedIn that gives you amazing opportunity to collect targeted leads’ emails and stay personal using the data from their profile information. For this, however, you will need to use extra tools to gain personal emails or paid LinkedIn subscription. In Reply, we use either LinkedIn Extractor or Email Hunter for the best results of LinkedIn leads search.

It is also a good idea to use semi-automated targeted services (e.g. Aeroleads) or word of mouth if you prefer this type of leads generation.

2. Killer email templates

There are many ways to make your email marketing campaign successful. You can create it yourself, hire a professional to do this for you or use one of the ready-made templates all over the Internet to adjust it to your needs.

No matter which option you would choose, make sure you follow the main rules of a killer sales email that guarantee you will have successful campaigns using email automation:

– it is short (focus on your main message and get it as straightforward as you can without being too informative). However, make sure you do provide the data necessary to define your offer and make it clear

– it talks about the benefit for the customer (briefly tell your prospects the main benefit of goods or service you want them to buy, keep the offer simple with no strings attached)

– it is easy to respond (do not ask for too much, it is no good way to start a warm and trustworthy seller-client relationship)

– make it personal (sound like a human; there is no better way to generate a lead than referring to them personally)

– subject and body should be bonded (try to never forget that your subject should reveal the nature of the email and its main promise)

3. Business Email Account

Regardless of the fact, that this recommendation is extremely obvious, rarely people do observe it. That is why, from time to time, when you open your spam folder you can see emails looking like this: [email protected] or [email protected]

For some people it’s a good reason to smile, for others – blacklist you as a possible goods/service provider forever.

Before starting the outbound sales, make sure you register separate email domain that would contain your name and your company name. Also, please, make sure that even if you are using some application to track, send out or handle your email, it doesn’t show up when your receiver gets is. No “sent via N app” is allowed in terms of business ethics.

4. Who is going to handle responses

You definitely need someone to initially sort the responses when your business gets bigger. If your killer email templates do what they are meant to, you will start receiving more and more replies. Nowadays you are able to choose whether to do it yourself or assign an employee with at least primary sorting of replies to Interested/Not interested/Unsure.

Personally I do not prefer outsourcing dealing with the first stage of email responses, but when working with outbound contacts it is good to have your emails filtered.

5. Create value for your customers

When it goes about turning your cold leads to loyal clients, it always depends on value you create for these contacts. Make sure you give them something they need and care of their requests. Free offers, good pieces of advice and even added value are good when your customers can benefit from it.

Creating value for your clients makes them respect you and turns your cold prospects into warm leads that are ready to buy from you, ready to recommend you to their friends and family, ready to share your special offers and news with others just because they like what you do and they are proud to deliver this value to other people they care of.

6. Analysis

After you launching a campaign, it’s essential to regularly inspect the summary report on statistics. Analyze changes in the indices as your campaign is running.

In addition to this, it would be great to dedicate some time twice a month to evaluate changes in your prospect database, and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of your conversion goals. You can also analyze the statistics on separate steps, templates and even delivery windows within one campaign.

7. Develop, scale, grow

Now it’s time to start working on improving your automated email campaign. Test, test, test! Carry out split tests on schedules, subject lines and email copies. Add links to social networks and corporate blog/website. Segment your prospects. When you select a good logical segment it’s not easy to come up with a series of letters for them but it’s worth it. Use personalization. The more personal you are in your email, the more sales you will make eventually. Study use cases. Do the same and improve your campaign based on others’ experience.

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