Automated Drip Campaigns

Reach your prospects by sending tailored, personalized emails and follow-ups, send an onboarding series to introduce new subscribers to your business, and re-engage inactive subscribers.

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Personal Emails at Scale

Automate and scale 1:1 email communications while keeping them personal and focusing on what matters.

Opens & Clicks Tracking

Get comprehensive statistics on performance metrics such as deliveries, opens and clicks for every email in a sequence.

Email & Campaign Templates

Save your time using predefined email and campaign templates with proven efficiency to run campaigns in Reply.

Create and launch email drip campaigns in minutes - Reply has a step-by-step wizard, guiding you through the process to make sure you won’t miss any important steps.

Reach out to your prospects with automated personal emails, which always land in the Inbox folder. Schedule several follow-ups to maximize your chances of receiving a response.

Make sure your emails are as warm and personal as possible by using custom variables for even better results. Create as many custom variables as you need and use them in Templates, Steps, or the Preview sections.

Apply various templates with proven performance to target certain industries, verticals or events. All emails and follow-ups look as if they have been sent manually, landing in your prospect's primary folder.

Set up your campaign schedule to make sure you'll never ever reach out to a prospect at the wrong time (holidays, weekends etc.). You can schedule specific days of the week and time frames to let Reply know when to send emails within your campaign.

Make the most of Reply's Preview mode when building an automated outreach campaign - double check, evaluate, and personalize emails to specific prospects.

Automate your drip campaigns with Reply

Reply has all the right tools for automating email communications at scale, while keeping it 100% personal.

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Opens and clicks tracking

Get comprehensive statistics on performance metrics like deliveries, opens and clicks for every email in a sequence, along with insight into the overall performance of your campaign.

100% visibility of emails sent and received


Check out Reply’s Inbox - an automated feature with intelligent sorting of prospects' replies by categories.


At the Outbox page you can see the number of emails planned for sending from all email accounts connected to your Reply account.

Opt-out options

Make sure your prospects can unsubscribe from your campaigns by text, Opt-out link, or a custom opt-out link in the body of the email.

And other great features

Logs in Campaign

Access your campaign logs and see the events that take place when your campaign starts running, or reference the log to help troubleshoot issues.


Connect your Reply account to your CRM and lead generation tools to automatically send contacts to a campaign via API, Zapier and Reply’s native integrations.

Triggered Calls

Connect with the hottest leads faster - enable the Triggered Calls feature so Reply automatically calls the contact that has opened your email.

Articles to help you start

How to use Campaign Wizard to set up a new outreach campaign.

Learn how to tweak your Campaign settings to make sure you get most of email outreach.

How to create a new Reply campaign or update an existing one according to your needs.

Learn how to perform automatic calls to the client after they open your email.

Learn how to add a certain prospect list to automated email campaigns.

Learn how to tailor the step delay - the interval between your Reply campaign touch points.

Contact Management

Manage prospective customers with ease - segment your prospects according to a myriad of criteria to keep your outreach organized.

Email Quality Check

Check out Reply's AI-backed assistant to help you create actionable emails, which are more likely to be opened and replied to.