Lucy Literado
VP of Marketing
2 years ago

Reply email automation: now in your Gmail tab

If you use Reply for smart sales automation, you already know the results it brings. If you missed its functionality every time you open your Gmail inbox, say no more: from now on it’s there for you. Simply download the plugin from Chrome WebStore and log into Reply sidebar to start the magic.

Now your Gmail inbox turned into a pocket-size communication platform synchronized with you web-based Reply account data.

With a Gmail plugin for Reply you can:

Save any email you compose as a template that would be saved for both Gmail and web-based Reply versions;

Select and paste any of your current Reply templates into email body

Add contact to one of your Reply outreach campaigns in 1 click

In other words, Gmail plugin is a light-weight version of Reply that lets you operate with your currently launched campaigns and add new prospects and templates to your pre-scheduled email sequences. And since both apps work 100% synchronized, every single change you make in your Gmail inbox tab will also be recorded and updated in your web-based Reply account.

With this plugin you can always stay tuned and updated on your leads’ status without even leaving your inbox and be sure that Reply saves the changes.

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