Say Hello to Reply AI Chat: Sales-trained chat with video avatars

Say Hello to Reply AI Chat: Sales-trained chat with video avatars

The future of customer engagement is here and now with Reply AI Chat! It changes the way businesses connect with website visitors, turning casual browsers into real sales leads. 

AI Chat is perfect for your inbound and outbound sales tactics. It also helps you meet key sales targets by scheduling meetings, starting product trials, or gathering contact information. 

And all this happens with an easy-to-use, personalized interface. But, don’t just take our word for it. 

Functionality of AI Chat

Read on to see how Reply AI Chat will transform your sales strategy and boost your performance.

Video avatars

Let’s start with AI video avatars, one of Reply AI Chat’s handy features. It’s like having another teammate who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and keeps in mind every piece of information your customers need.

You can start by crafting your original avatar using HeyGen integration and making it as you like (and both engaging and unique). Or, if you need to rush things, use our pre-made option, and be sure to start from day #1 to automate your customer interactions.

Reply AI Chat provides website visitors with smooth and adaptable text and voice communications. It adds a human touch to the world of faceless AI tools, making it feel like interacting with a real person at any time of the day.

Try Reply AI Chat for free until May 20 and watch your leads, demos, and deal closures increase

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Integration of the Knowledge base

You can enhance your Reply AI Chat using your company’s existing resources. How? With Reply, you can train your chatbots using your company’s knowledge base articles, PDFs, DOC files, and website links.

As it learns more, your AI Chat will become a more reliable source of information for your clients, offering trustworthy details about your products and services. As a result, you’ll see an immediate boost in customer confidence.

Additionally, you can create and customize multiple chats for different landing pages. Simply equip your Reply AI Chat with the relevant information tailored to specific audiences and individual pages. And that’s all it takes!

Book meetings with AI Chat

Boost your lead conversion effortlessly with Reply’s in-chat meeting booking feature.

Now, visitors to your website can easily schedule demos right from the chat window. They just select a date and time from your linked Calendly, skipping the back-and-forth emails.

This smooth process keeps visitors engaged and reduces the chance they’ll leave without taking action. You’ll fill your calendar with more qualified leads without the usual scheduling headaches.

Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to more conversions!

Goal-focused engagement

Imagine adding a highly-skilled salesperson to your team who works 24/7 to guide visitors through your sales funnel. That’s what you get with Reply’s AI Chat.

Just set your goal—whether it’s capturing leads, scheduling demos, or getting free trial sign-ups—and let Reply’s AI handle the rest. It engages potential customers in natural, convincing conversations.

Unlike basic forms or typical chatbots, Reply’s AI uses smart prompts and questions to effectively steer visitors toward your desired action. This allows you to focus less on monitoring chats and more on closing deals with qualified leads.

Integrate AI Chat with Reply Sequences

Reply AI Chat integrates flawlessly with Reply’s multichannel sequences, so it’s easy to continue your conversations with leads in all stages, from initial contact to sustained engagement.

Import leads from chats directly into Reply’s sequences for further lead nurturing. This is especially useful for warming up leads who weren’t ready to purchase on their first visit, so you keep them engaged through various channels, build rapport and trust, and boost sales effectiveness.

Easy-to-manage inbox

Stay on top of every chat with Reply’s intuitive webchat inbox. This central hub gives you complete control over all chat conversations.
Watch interactions unfold in real time, check how your AI Chat is performing, and spot areas that might need more info or training.

The straightforward interface shows you exactly what questions your chatbot can (and can’t) handle, ensuring reliable and consistent replies.
It also allows your team members to step in and handle complex queries personally.

This way, you won’t miss any leads, and you’ll increase the chances of turning every website visitor into a satisfied customer.

Make your sales process more efficient and complete with Reply AI Chat

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Main benefits of Reply AI Chat for every business

Reply AI Chat turns website traffic into real sales. How? It grabs your visitors’ attention, makes a solid connection, knows everything that your sales reps know, and helps you maintain communication all day long. 

We’ll show you the real business value here:

  • Customized communication → it sends personalized messages that really connect with your visitors, boosting your chances of making a sale.
  • Efficiency and speed → Reply AI Chat gets going way faster (x10 times faster!) than traditional (if-then) chatbots. It learns quickly from any data you feed it, like PDFs, documents, or web links.
  • Goal-oriented interaction → AI chat is set up to guide your visitors to your goals, like making sales, booking meetings, or getting trial sign-ups.
  • Continuous engagement → it acts as a help desk (that’s always open), with instant support to keep visitors interested anytime.
  • Scalable lead management → AI Chat works with different channels like email, phone calls, social networks, SMS, and WhatsApp to keep engaging with leads non-stop and without distractions.
  • Team collaboration → you’ve got tools like a Webchat inbox and a Contact page where you can set up roles and manage communications and leads effectively.

Putting it all together

Reply AI Chat is not another chatbot. It’s a dynamic tool that transforms passive website interactions into active sales opportunities right after you press the ON button. If you want to upgrade your website,  just add Reply AI Chat to it. You’ll instantly improve all customer interactions without any additional effort. 

We know that every visitor interaction is meaningful. That’s why we created Reply AI Chat, ready to significantly increase your chances of converting leads into sales, whether it’s booking a meeting, starting a trial, or collecting contact information.

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