10 Startup Marketing Trends in 2016

Marketing evolution has never stopped. Your competitors are improving their experience daily, and if you do not master your own marketing strategy, you will be left far behind. This year promises new ideas in marketing, focusing on which you will become one of the leaders on your market and continue increasing sales successfully. Below there are the trends in terms of developing a startup marketing. Follow them and you’ll always be ahead of your competitors.

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#1: Customer Focus

Your customer is the center of the universe. It should concern the whole marketing strategy. If you do not realize what the client wants, all plans will collapse. Startups also should make twice as much effort to meet customer needs, to help them reach new boundaries. This also includes involving your customers in strategy formation to eventually make a really demanded product.

#2: Product Strategy

Many startups have a very vague idea of ​​what a product strategy is. Most of them do not have it in any form. However, product strategy implementation is now more relevant than ever. Given how new ideas go on the market every day, you need to really work on how your product will differ from the others. Undoubtedly, high-quality product strategy will become your advantage in the nearest future.

#3: Transparency and Clarity

Transparency is exactly what large corporations need and it can be your secret weapon in terms of running a startup. Consumers are more and more interested in what happens backstage, so why not give them a chance to see the inside? Such clarity will help to position your brand as honest and true which would become another outstanding advantage. Transparency will become must have for successful companies.

#4: Social Networks

Contact with the consumer through social networks is becoming integral part of development strategies. Through this means of communication it is possible to fully share product information and receive feedback on actions taken. In addition to this, social networks provide a place for advertising that works quite efficiently. For startups this is a good way to attract large audience in shortest terms and turn visitors into customers.

#5: Content Sharing

The more attention startups pay to content marketing as one of the main techniques, the faster new media of content distribution grow. Most beginners think that once they have simply created content, the user has no other option than read it. That is a destructive idea which would eventually lead to complete content unpopularity.

You need to promote what you have written and promote it actively. The good news is that you have plenty of tools available for that.

#6: Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is a must have of every marketer. The more time passes, the more complicated they become there are more and more ways to transfer the information to customer: the search and subscription in social networks, click-through on context advertising and so on and so force. A detailed study of all the key points of the funnel will help manage the campaign budget more effectively.

#7: Client-based Adaptation

One of the best ways to attract new customers is to promote individual offers. For example, developers provide new user with a free trial period, so that the client personally tests interesting piece of software. Therefore, in the near future the issue of fitting the product to a specific customer will become quite common.

#8: Branding

Aspiring entrepreneurs often mistakenly think that the idea of the brand is more about large corporations. They reckon that brand development requires considerable funding, which is more favorable to redirect to other needs. In fact, creation of the brand is simply result of the concept formed. Just come up with your unique story and tell us about it in your own words.

#9: Information Support

Many start-ups are not based on specific data which causes significant damage when assessing the real-life situation on the market and can be a reason of failure. Information source for taking further action is the basis for the analyst work. And the information comes from both quantitative and quality research (including interviews, focus groups, etc.). All this will help in making further decisions.

#10: Marketing Tools

Last years the variety of marketing tools has dramatically increased. Applications make it easier to find new customers, help streamline the entire advertising campaign and generally improve daily workflow. Therefore, the startups should really consider the benefits of investing in such tools at their early stage.

It is no secret that you should always keep up with time in order to remain competitive. In marketing, as well as in any other field, there is nothing worse than using outdated technology. And the best way to always be on top is never stop learning. This should be the first commandment of a good marketer. Once you stop learning, you lose your professional shape in just a few months because the world does not stand still.

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