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We are glad to introduce the following interview in terms of Reply Q&A session that helps Reply know more about customers, how they use our application, create use cases and case studies and help more companies grow. Today we are interviewing Ryan Garman, a co-founder of goPRit company, a game-changing PR solution allowing you to build relationships directly with journalists. bloggers and influencers worldwide.

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Oleg: What can you tell me briefly about your process? What do you use Reply for, and how is it working for you?

Ryan: So we use Reply any time that we identify a new prospect that meets our customer profile. So let’s say that someone is on LinkedIn, maybe they’re on AngelList, maybe they’re on Gust, maybe they’re on Product Hunt – so, we find a company that we’ve not currently introduced ourselves to and we add them into our CRM system. And then about once a month, we will go into our CRM and export all leads that have been added that we’ve not put into a campaign yet, exporting that file out of our CRM and importing it into Reply.

So about once a month, we update and refresh our campaigns and our leads that are in Reply. I think the piece that has been successful with Reply is the fact that all of our emails are pure text, we have no HTML. They look very personal. One of the things that we really like about Reply is that it appears to be a warm email because it’s not too flashy. We like the fact that it automatically follows up with these individuals based on the templates and the steps that we’ve created in the system, until someone responds.

This, then, gets me to another point in a feature that is becoming very, very important to us, and I would love to get an idea as to when this could get developed, is the ability to remove an individual from a campaign based on the domain of their email address. We find that when we email a new prospect – let’s say their email is [email protected] – and they go and they sign up, but they use the email [email protected], and we keep following up with them because we don’t think they’ve responding to us, even though they’re already a paying client now, and that’s a very bad user experience.

Oleg: Okay, thanks for sharing. We are going to add this feature in our new version, for sure. How were you doing your sales outreach before using Reply?

Ryan: As soon as we would put something into our CRM system, we would send out the introductory email. Where Reply had the biggest impact is the automated follow-ups. Sending out that first email was easy. It’s automating the follow-ups and the reply messages that has made a significant impact on our sales efforts.

Oleg: Okay, makes sense. So you mentioned that you like the automating feature. Are there any other features that you like, or that work for you?

Ryan: I mean, it’s the automated follow-ups, but it’s also the tracking of the responses. So yes, the automated follow-ups are great, but what makes Reply powerful is that it doesn’t send the follow-ups to the individuals who have responded.

Oleg: Okay. When it comes to cold emails, what is your mindset? How do you approach this – any tips you can share?

Ryan: Keep it short, keep it very light. You know, acknowledge the fact that you’re kind of coming out of left field. We try to add a little bit of humor to it. First of all, we always like to introduce ourselves. I probably start out every cold email like, “Hey, this is Ryan over at Go PR It. I realize we’ve never had the chance to speak before.” We’ve also used lines like, “Hey, I know this is totally random, but I came across your contact information on LinkedIn, or your profile on Gust.”

We try to be very transparent. We’re not trying to trick them into making them think that we know each other. For cold emails, keep it very personal, keep it short, be transparent and have a call to action. I get cold emails all the time with people just telling me about their product, and that’s it. There’s no, like, “Do you want to join a demo? Are you open for a follow-up call?” You have to have some type of a call to action.

Oleg: Thanks for sharing. Can you share any results you have got due to Reply? How many demos are usually scheduled per week; how many deals do you close? Can you share any numbers for those?

Ryan: I mean, it’s really based off on the number of campaigns that we have running at any given point in time. I mean, we see a direct correlation from when we turn Reply on and when we turn Reply off to the number of individuals that are joining our demos and clients that are signing up. We are still testing different methods in terms of, like, is it better to drive people to a demo? Is it better to give them a one month free trial code, where they can go in and start using the system?

I don’t think that we have used the Reply system consistently enough to be able to say “For every 100 emails we send, we get X number of demos.” I think we’re getting close to that, but if you run Reply campaigns consistently, that’s one of the nice parts about the system – you can very easily identify, like, “For every 100 emails, you get X number of demos,” so it’s trackable, when just cold emails in general aren’t, but we don’t have that data yet.

Oleg: Thanks for sharing. Do you have a special employee who is setting up campaigns and handling replies? How do you organize your wotk with Reply, how do you collect leads? How many people are involved and how does it work?

Ryan: There are a couple different folks involved. I am the one who manages the Reply account now. To keep it fun, for both our clients and for our prospects as well as internally, we’ve run internal competitions where we’ve asked different folks on the team to write different Copy and try completely different things and different strategies, and whoever got the highest Open rates with their subject lines, whoever got the highest response rates with the Copy, whoever had the highest attendance percentage to get folks to demos…

We’ve done fun things like, you know, free round trip ticket anywhere that Southwest Airlines flies here in the US. For our folks in Barcelona, it was like a free round-trip to anywhere that RyanAir flies. Like, we’ll buy you and your wife or you and your girlfriend or whoever (or you and your husband) lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant. So we’ve found that keeping the entire team engaged on trying to come up with new Copy and new fresh idea and new angles has worked very well for us – but having one person actually manage the Reply system.

Oleg: Great approach. That’s something that I want to implement in my team as well. Do you use any tools to automate lead generation? Or do you just do all of it manually? I know that you have some freelancers collecting leads for you, right?

Ryan: I mean, we’ve tried everything under the sun. We’ve tried Upwork – that’s probably been the best way to do it, is to give people very specific types of leads and a profile of our client, and have them go across AngelList, LinkedIn, Product Hunt, and try to find these companies that match our ideal client profile in terms of the size, the number of employees they have.

Using systems like Clear Bit, they’re discovering in their Prospector API’s… LinkedIn is a fantastic resource, it’s an unlimited pool of leads, and then using systems like Reportive, or Reply has a sales tool that can help you. I think, is it your Chrome extension, or your Gmail plug in, to help identify the email of folks if you type in their name and their company? There are a bunch of different tools like that can help you guess their email address.

Another one that we use is Voila Norbert – Voila Norbert is pretty good at guessing people’s email addresses if you know the person’s name and the company that they work for. A couple ones that we haven’t tried yet that we’re looking at: we’re looking at Message Sumo. I would say that those are the ones that we’ve had the most success with, and Message Sumo is one that we haven’t tested yet.

Oleg: Okay, cool. This is probably it. Is there anything you would like to share? Anything that you would like to see added, exactly like the phisher you mentioned for reply detection?

Ryan: An integration with GoToWebinar would be very helpful for us, because we do one demo every day, or maybe even three or four times a week. So, if you guys had an integration that as soon as someone signed up for a webinar through GoToWebinar, that it removed them from Reply system, that would be great.

Oleg: Yep. We’ll do that, I’ll just put it on my list. We’ll plan to do this next week, but I’ll check with our product developer to see how easy this will be to add. Thank you for your time Ryan, it’s always a pleasure to see how Reply helps our customers grow and scale!

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