What is the difference between sales and marketing automation

If you’re a sales person or a marketer, it’s obvious that a lot of your time is dedicated to doing plenty of things to know your customers better: emailing, calling, storing data, figuring out analytics, setting up sales funnels, etc. As for the automation software, it is intended to save your time (and money) along with getting part of your daily routine put on autopilot.

However, sometimes people tend to confuse marketing automation with the sales one. Although the type of information they store can be similar, their methods and purposes are completely different.

Sales automation is actually what lets you avoid writing and clicking, copying and pasting, editing and responding. You can simply send one of the previously set up templates, change it according to a certain occasion or make calls according to scripts. You can make your outbound email automation or call software do this as many times as you need. It helps you outsource repeated actions to speed up everyday tasks.

What sales automation tools do:

1. Outbound email automation
2. Call integration
3. Automatic follow ups
4. Lead scoring
5. Appointment/demo scheduling
6. CRM integration
7. Costs reduction for lead generation
8. Deals closing

On the other hand, marketing automation deals with prospective clients, lead nurturing and the whole inbound part in general letting you know your leads better as well as analyze their behaviour based on their actions and decisions.

What marketing automation tools do:

1. Formation of a marketing client base
2. Behavior-based audience segmentation
3. Automation of routine marketing operations
4. Integration with CRM systems
5. Analyzing marketing flow
6. Lead nurturing and tracking
7. SEO factors improvement

Thus, sales automation is about working with your prospects and outbound sales and marketing automation is about studying your leads and setting up your inbound flow.

As for the tools for sales and marketing automation, there’s plenty of them on the market nowadays and they are usually focused on certain customers’ pain issues to solve.

However, using a smart combination of them from both marketing and sales sides is the thing that can really help you scale and grow your business knowing what your customers are, where do they come from, what they want and how you can help them.

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Avatar Helena says:

Nice information, I found this very interesting. Marketing Automation have too many similarity and difference for Sales and Marketing team.

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