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Today I’d like you all to meet our founder, CEO, developer, and all around great guy – Oleg Campbell. I have yet to meet him in person, but from the moment my initial job interview ended (via Skype) I already liked him. At first he came off as a little bit shy, like a lot of our IT specialists. But within the first few minutes of the call he burst to life. Oleg began to speak so quickly and with such energy that I could barely keep up with everything he was conveying – but one thing remained clear: he was talking about Reply with such great passion. Oleg, our Founder, is overwhelmed with desires, feelings and ideas about where Reply is headed and what the team is/will be doing, I was completely sold on his vision. I wished to join him and the rest of team at Reply, to ensure my ticket on this sure to be fun and successful voyage.

Oleg is Ukrainian, he has lived and worked in both Canada and the U.S. At the moment he resides in San-Francisco, California where he enjoys all types of sports but prefers Boxing and hitting the gym (typing on a computer all day is deceptively exhausting, we need all of the stamina we can muster).

As far as additional pastimes go, Oleg likes to listen to electronic music (non-emotional to help speed up the work process). He also likes reading books, not sprawling epics or fantastical adventures, he prefers more practical fare such as business/marketing/entrepreneurial texts or more insightful reading focused on psychology and philosophy.
Oleg doesn’t drink alcohol but we do have a planned team retreat in the not too distant future. With all of Reply’s success, he may find reason to celebrate!

Oleg is a great leader and overall person, he inspires the team to create great things together and overcome any obstacles to ensure our success.

Oleg Campbell pic for founder

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great post Eugenia. not often do i get to read passionate blog posts from companies–glad to see a startup that is changing that trend.

Eugenia Eugenia says:

Thank you, Mark! More posts about our team are coming soon :)

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