Brooklyn Data Science: 75% Reply Rate [Case Study]

The Overview

Brooklyn Data Science helps companies hire highly qualified data scientists through consulting projects and simulated work scenarios.

They recruit, screen, and vet today’s top Data Science consultants and full-time job seekers.

Through platform, their customers are able to get access to a curated pool of the best data scientists in the market who are available for both consulting or full-time employment.

The platform was created in response to increasing market demand in Data Science specialists.

The Founder, Joshua Beach, has been in data science for a few years now, holding a Yale degree in Maths & Statistics.

Having a background at startup, he aimed at building a marketplace for Data Science students and grads and raised $600,000 to do this in 2011.

The Challenge

To get organic growth in NY market and introduce the company in SF, Brooklyn Data Science decided to be the first Data Science company that focuses on people and has plans about developing their own products.

Still, the core of the company strategy for customer acquisition is growing the asset of talent and the database of B2B customers that are in need of that talent.

This entails the challenge of contacting a significant number of decision makers on the market and then following up with them within their cold email campaign.

That’s why they needed to connect to both Data Science professionals, students, grads on one end and, on another, to Heads of Data and similar roles via LinkedIn use this database for a further outreach.

The Solution

Previously salespeople of Brooklyn Data Science used to deal with cold outreach manually which meant a lot of monotonous and time-consuming work to do.

Plus, they also use SalesForce as their CRM to classify a qualified lead upon email campaign results. That is why they needed a certain all-in-one solution.

Joshua Beach decided to give Reply a try to automate most of their routine tasks, eliminate manual job and sync with SalesForce.

It helped optimized their working process significantly and use Reply to setup cold email automation for both employers and candidates.

The problem was, many companies that needed their services were still unaware of the fact that there’s a local on-demand platform that could solve their pain and get the job done.

So, the main purpose of Reply for Brooklyn DS was to get in front of data market decision makers and college grads in the field and then connect them.

The Result

After a couple of weeks Brooklyn Data Science was able to launch and scale the most efficient type of automated emails the one that helps them get up to 100% of open rate and up to 75% of reply rate which is really huge when it comes to cold emails.

Their main secret of such a huge success is focusing on “less is more” approach to build and scale their business.

progress bar in campaign pic for Brooklyn data science

All prospects are segmented into smaller groups and participate in campaigns of 4 to 5 steps personalized for each separate segment.

Using Reply helped them increase their database of most essential contacts on the market and due to the fact that their emails are highly targeted, look very personal and serve a natural continuation of their LinkedIn connect requests.

Lucy Literado

VP of Marketing at Reply

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