How businesses and marketing agencies can build an effective sales process with a remote team

29th of September, 1 pm EST

About the panel discussion:
As more people choose to work remotely, offering this option as an employer can be a significant competitive advantage. This is especially true when hiring for hard to fill roles, including sales.
However, this very trend also poses numerous challenges to managers running remote sales teams.
Join Reply, Overpass, TG Brands, and Leadly Media on 29th of September, 1 pm EST for a panel discussion on effective sales processes in the remote-first sales environments and the challenges stemming from it.

The panel discussion will cover:

  • best practices and common pitfalls when hiring for remote sales teams
  • how to make your remote team more efficient
  • real-life examples of successful playbooks, processes used
  • how to use common sales tools for collaboration and coordination within the team
  • how to meet your team members where they are.
  • ways to innovate in the #futureofwork space.
  • how to build a sustainable work culture.
Marsha Jean-Louis

Marsha Jean-Louis

President of TG Brands

Marsha Jean-Louis is the president of TG Brands, a privately held holding company based in Atlanta, GA, that owns and operates a portfolio of businesses in the hair and beauty industry grossing over $15M/year. She is an experienced operations professional with expertise leading direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.
She has a passion for entrepreneurship and began her career in the space after her previous DTC business was acquired by TG Brands. This ultimately led to an acqui-hire where she was brought on board to manage the growing portfolio.

George Vitko

George Vitko

Partnerships Director at Reply

George is the Partnerships Director at Reply, an all-in-one sales engagement platform. A sales professional with 10 years of experience in both on-premise and SaaS companies, George has secured six-figure contracts with Fortune 500 companies selling niche virtualization and communication products over the course of his career.
As a Partnerships Director at Reply, George is on a mission to bringing the best-in-class sales engagement automation platform to the masses, helping B2B agencies put their personalized outreach on autopilot.

Greg Kaye

Greg Kaye

Director of Client Relations at Leadly Media

Greg Kaye, Director of Client Relations at Leadly Media, is an experienced B2B marketing guru. He excels in helping startups gain traction through sniper targeting and multi channel automation. Greg has helped startups and companies such as J&J, Techstars, Samsung, and Arhaus with B2B sales traction through LinkedIn and email automation.
His company Leadly Media has helped hundreds of companies 3x their sales revenue targets within a few months through outbound LinkedIn messaging.

Tanyette Colόn

Tanyette Colόn

Head of Channel Partnerships with Overpass

Tanyette Colόn is the Head of Channel Partnerships with Overpass, a Brooklyn based start-up that gives high-growth companies one consistent source to find and onboard sales & support talent. She is also a former National Sports Radio Host turned shred digital media strategist formerly with the USA Today, who consistently built and managed a 7 figure portfolio of business.
She has a passion to help entrepreneurs and smbs to uncover latent revenue in their operations and assists in humanizing their marketing strategies and approach to building sustainable ecosystems around their brand., All rights reserved © 2022. Contact sales +1 855 747 99 53 (toll free)