How Reply Reduced the Number of Cold Calls and Increased Sales

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Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor

Senior Account Executive

Keptify helps e-commerce sites to increase sales and conversion rates by providing visitors with a personalized shopping experience via automatic follow-ups.


Adam Taylor Adam Taylor

The Challenge

Keptify is a UK based company that specializes in re-marketing solutions through which they increase the online sales of e-commerce stores by up to 30%.

We help generate maximum revenue out of our customer’s existing traffic, acting as their very own Optimization Department.

As we have to contact numerous e-commerce businesses every day they started using MailChimp, which could not fulfill our requirements in this particular area.

We also had to make 50-70 cold calls every day in order to have around 5 meaningful conversations.

The Solution

Keptify is now using Reply to contact their prospects. Once we got accustomed to the service, we immediately noticed an increase in the number of closed deals, while simultaneously decreasing the number of cold calls.

The Overview

Using Reply we managed to reach a 50% reply rate in most of their outreach campaigns. The first email on average was generating a 15% response rate for them (which is much higher than they were getting with MailChimp campaigns – about 5%) and after 3-4 automatic follow-ups, the reply rate was nearing 50% and also bringing in new appointments and opportunities, which would be missed otherwise. Having the most appropriate templates and the correct sequence of follow-ups, it became much easier for us to optimize our daily routine in general and lead generation business strategy in particular.

Our strategy for turning prospects into B2B customers consists of following certain rules: 3-4 follow-ups in a sequence, A/B split testing by Reply to figure out the best templates for usage and creating different campaigns for different types of leads.

Usually, these messages are activated at the time when you start any activity on the website especially on the blogs site or at any e-commerce website.

The Result

Having tried Reply for months now, Keptify reduced the number of daily cold calls by 10 times while getting more customers than ever before. This changed everything. Now, independent of the number of sales reps that could make a limited number of calls per day, we can easily scale our sales with email automation.

For every 100 emails sent per day they get 5 warm qualified calls. We found a great solution for scaling sales without hiring new salespeople by increasing the number of emails sent and moving from cold calls to warm ones.

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