What if I say that Inbox feature we released on ProductHunt yesterday is not just another overall improvement? It’s high time we take a look around what Reply has become and how one feature can change it all.

Check it out any time you want and share your feedback as for its usefulness and convenience.

Automatic response classification

Now you see all incoming replies associated with your email campaigns directly in Reply without a need to log in to your email account. But this thing along would be too simple, so we went deeper. Now all the replies coming to your outreach campaigns are being carefully sorted for you based on the matter of response and divided into 4 categories by default: Interested, Not interested, Not now & Do not contact.

Plus you can add custom folders for more targeted segmentation.

CRM sync included

Alter category names where replies appear after being classified to flawlessly sync newly acquired data with Customer Status/Deal Stage in your favorite CRM. This tip helps you save even more time and effort so you could spend it on closing deals, helping customers and growing your business.

100% smooth workflow

Respond to sorted emails right away. Now there’s absolutely no need to leave Reply window and log in to your email client or web interface. While responding, feel free to use previously uploaded Reply templates and change prospect’s status – all these data will be updated at once.

What’s the best about it

While connecting with your leads directly can be extremely interesting, the process of sorting your emails out can be soooo boring. And – which is even sadder – it’s quite time-consuming when your email campaign volumes are higher than average.

Still, skipping the classifying stage won’t make any better – you will lose about the same amount of time switching between different kinds of reply from different types of leads.

Luckily, now you can have best of both worlds – forget about manual sorting and get that done for you. In the end, that’s what automation is all about 🙂

How you benefit from it

1. Now you can move straight to your hot leads that love being got back to asap.
2. When you open the Inbox, you can see how your campaign perform long before you open the last email
3. You also spend less time in your CRM as everything is synced and keeps updating in case of changes constantly more thinking and evolving professionally, less monkey job and fatigue.
4. So much fun! Well, at least, it was for Reply team 🙂

Thanks for being with us until this very moment. Our team will continue turning Reply into the smartest and most convenient outreach automation platform that stays personal and people-oriented.

Feel free to share your favorite outreach approach in comments!