How To Get Your Cold Emails Noticed, Read & Replied To [Whitepaper]

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Template #1: HubSpot calls this a repeat website visit template, and this is one of our favorites.


You and a number of your colleagues at {!Lead.Company} have visited our website and << INSERT ACTION ON SITE >>.

I was wondering whether they were trying to figure out how you might << YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTION HERE >>? So, I did some research and found some areas of opportunity for you.

One idea I have is to << INSERT SUGGESTION FROM RESEARCH >>.
With the number of people researching our company, would it make sense to talk for 10 minutes?

Hope to hear from you, {CONTACT.OWNER_NAME}

Template #2: Here’s a helpful sales template by the guys at Right Hello:

Hi <First_Name>,

I just wanted to tell you that I really love what you’re doing at <Company>. If I could ever help you with anything, that would be awesome!

You might find my experience in <Your_Experience_Domain> helpful. I blog a bit about it – here’s a link <Content_Link> if you would like to check out if I’m the real deal.

I’d love to steal some of your time to talk about what you do. Would you mind, maybe at least a 15-minute call?

Template #3: Pipetop’s focus on benefit template is no-nonsense, which is why it works so well:

(CONTACT.FIRSTNAME), In working with other (INSERT INDUSTRY OR POSITION), one of the key issues they’re struggling with is (INSERT KEY ISSUE). This past year we helped numerous companies to (INSERT BUSINESS DRIVER), resulting (MONEY SAVED, REVENUE ADDED, PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES). If this is something you’re challenged with, too, let’s set up a quick call. I have some ideas that might help. All the best, (CONTACT.OWNER_NAME)

The respectful open

Hi <First_Name>,

I know you’re very busy as <Professional_Title>, but I’ve been wanting to have a quick chat about bringing <Product> to <Company> because I think it could really help you.

If 15 minutes of your time isn’t too much to ask, then maybe we could jump on a quick Skype call to discuss this?

The cheerful open

Hi <First_Name>,

I’ve been watching Westworld lately, and I’m not sure who’s a robot, and who isn’t anymore. But my system is telling me that our companies’ storylines might be connected.

There’s no maze, however – it’s really simple. I’d like to talk to you about <Product> for <Company>.

If that doesn’t look like anything useful to you, let me know, and I won’t bother you anymore. And if this sounds weirdly familiar, maybe we could jump on a call?

The transparent beginning

Hi <First_Name>,

Because we do <Product_Page_link>, I was looking for companies that might be in need of such a solution.

Visit our website – <Main_Page_link> to see what we’re up to, or skip straight to our FAQ section – <FAQ_Page_link> – to learn exactly what we can give you.

I’d love to jump on a call with you – if you have 15 minutes for a chat, please pick a suitable time slot in my <Calendar_link>. It will make it easy for us to connect.

Straight jump to a helping hand

Hi <First_Name>,

I just wanted to tell you that I really love what you’re doing at <Company>. If I could ever help you with anything, that would be awesome

You might find my experience in <Your_Experience_Domain> useful. I blog a bit about it – here’s a link <Content_Link> if you would like to check out if I’m the real deal.

I’d love to steal some of your time to talk about what you do. Would you mind, maybe, at least a 15-minute call?

The Biz-Dev introduction

Hey [First Name],

I’ve heard amazing things about [Company Name] lately, and I just had to reach out.
[Your Company Name] is showcasing [Company Name] to over 100,000+ potential new customers.

When we asked our customers if they’d be interested in a product like yours, we got a huge resounding “yes”.

I think they would make for a great lifetime [Company Name] customers.
Here is some more info on our reach, our customers, and who we’ve worked with in the past: [Company Website]

Please email me by the 30th, and we’ll make it happen.

The referral email

Hey [First Name],

[Your Name] from [Company Name] here. Hope you don’t mind me reaching out
We help businesses like [Client 1] and [Client 2] to [What you do].
I’m curious who might be best to speak with about [What you wish to sell] at your company?

[Your Name]

The social hook

Hi [First Name],

Based on your [social media], you’re a fan of [idol] – inspiring me to reach out to you here.
What would [idol] be without [point of relation]? [Funny commentary].

[Your company] is the [idol] of [industry or market niche]. Our platform provides [benefit 1]and [benefit 2]. Features like [feature 1], [feature 2], and [feature 3] make your team [benefit 2] – making them ready to boost their fame (much like [idol] and their team).

[First name] – might you be willing to connect for just a few minutes to talk about how we can get your team onto [idol]’s level?

[Your Name]

The sports talk ice-breaker

Hi [First Name],

I see that you’re a [team] fan, so you must be excited about [player] [player’s achievement].
As [company] continues to scale, your [department] team needs [pain point that you solve for] just as [how the same point applies to the team]. We’re the [player] of [industry/market niche]…[funny comparison].

[First Name], I’d love (if possible) to be referred to the best person on your [department] team to introduce [Your Company] as a means to hit your [goal].

[Your Name]

The research-backed direct ice-breaker

Hi [First Name],

[Your Name] reaching out from [Your Company] – [Shared detail].
Yep, this is another #coldemail that says who I am and asks for a meeting, but I’ve [specific research you’ve done in person].

[Connection/uncommon commonality].

[Details of your service] – does this sound like something of value to [Company] or maybe something you’re actively looking for?

Here is [piece of content].

Are you open to chatting next week? [Incentive to call].
[Your Name]

The “competitors’ faults” opportunity

Hey [First Name],

We’ve been hearing from several existing [Competitor]’s customers that they’ve been experiencing significant application performance issues recently. We can imagine your team would be getting frustrated if that’s also happening at [Company]

We’ve developed our solution to support leading enterprises such as [Customer 1], [Customer 2], and [Customer 3] with stability, security, and reliability in mind so you won’t have these problems with [Your Company].

Are you available early next week to discuss why companies like [Customer 4], [Customer 5] and [Customer 6] moved from [Competitor] to [Your Company] this year? If not, please let us know when it’s best to reconnect.

Best, [Your Name]

The statistics hook

Hi [First Name],

On average, [pain point statistic]. Is [Their company] achieving its goals?
[Statistic about most teams].

[benefits of your service]. [pain points company relieves].

[accomplishments of company]. If you are looking to [achieve what product serves], it would be great to connect for a 15-,minute call next week.

Best, [Your Name]

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