Customer Relationship Automation
In the age of technology, customer relations shouldn’t be just managed, but intelligently automated and scaled.
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Customer Data and Personalization
Get a holistic view on your contacts, effortlessly
Lead Generation
Automatically generate new prospects matching your ideal customer profile, targeting by industry, region, role in business - the filtering criteria are endless.
Prospect Enrichment
The system conducts prospect enrichment with relevant personal data, behavioral factors, social media updates, latest events and activities.
100% Personalization
Get your communication workflows personalized based on automatically enriched prospect profiles - CRA does it for you, no manual work required.
Automated Communications
Speak with your contacts personally, CRA handles all the rest
1:1 Communications at Scale
Scale allbound email communications, while keeping them 100% personal, and deliver the right message to the right prospects, based on their current buying stage.
Triggered Calls
CRA automatically initiates direct calls with hot prospects based on their activity, email opens, current campaign, and triggered actions.
Intelligent Chat Bots
Speed up both inbound and outbound sales communications with your prospects in social media and chats using intelligent chat bots.
Smart Automations
Employ out-of-the-box automations for business growth hacking
Automations Out-of-the-Box
Apply out-of-the-box triggered automations for creating rich experiences for your contacts and prospects, and drive high conversions.
Seamless Workflows
Benefit from trigger Zapier-like automations to create seamless workflows between multiple software tools.
Accessible Automations
Take on board community-based automations to use communication and workflow shortcuts for quick growth.
Artificial Intelligence
Get an unresting powerful assistant doing your tasks at scale
The Next Best Action
CRA analyzes the context of communication flow, learning what the prospect wants to do next based on NLP for texts, and suggesting the next best action for you to take.
Intelligent NLP
The system analyses the context of emails, chats and calls, and automatically updates contact’s records/statuses, creating tasks, and booking the meeting.
Campaign Improvements
CRA reviews the success and failure of your personal communications, while suggesting improvements to your campaigns and flows regarding timing, content and frequency.
Hot Actions
Let CRA automate routine tasks, and focus on what matters
Tasks and Meetings Scheduling
Benefit from automated task creation and meeting scheduling for both you and a prospect, based on the context of emails, chats or phone calls.
Suggested Follow-ups
Choose from a variety of follow-up suggestions, which CRA offers based on communication tracking stats.
Lead Notifications
Get timely notifications on hot prospects, which are ready to convert / move forward.
The Integrations
Connect the dots between the tools, keeping everything updated and synchronized
CRM Integration
Benefit from seamless two-way workflow automations between your CRM and CRA tools.
Custom Integrations
Can't find integration for your app? Create custom integration flow for your software tool using CRA rich API’s.
Zapier Integrations
Explore event triggered webhooks and Zapier integrations to tune integrations between the most used SaaS tools.
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