Direct & Triggered Calls

Try Reply’s Direct calls to connect with prospects from 100+ countries, and Triggered calls to automatically call a prospect after an email is opened.

Direct Calls

Reply supports Direct Calls to 100+ countries and connects you and your client using the VoIP system.

Triggered Calls

Get on a call with your prospects automatically once the prospect has opened an email 3+ times.

Local Dial

Choose a local phone number matching the area code of the prospect you are calling.

Get in touch with your prospects faster

Direct Calls

Reply makes a bridge call using a dedicated VoIP number calling your number first, and then calls your prospect once you've taken the initial phone call.

Local dials

Choose your local phone number (available from 30+ countries) matching the area code of the prospect you are calling. For the US or Canada, choose a local phone number of the particular state or province.

Manage Phone list

Quickly add phone numbers to contact profiles, connect with them directly within the campaign or, by clicking on the Call button in the Prospect Detail View.

Manage your contacts in Reply

Give teams ability to collaborate in outreach / communications process on prospects and campaigns. Provide Team owners simple tools to mange workload.

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Speed up communication with Reply’s Triggered calls

Dial in prospects at the right time

The Triggered Calls feature uses the campaign schedule to dial the contact only within specified hours. If the contact triggers the call outside the schedule, the system will wait until the next email opening.

Set up email openings to trigger calls

Customize the number of email openings to dial in your prospects automatically. We suggest having over four email views, indicating that the lead is interested in your offering and ready to talk.

Available with all Reply plans

Triggered Calls functionality is available for all Reply users who enabled the Direct Calls feature, and specified valid phone numbers for the contacts.


Direct Calls

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Triggered calls

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Can I use my real phone number?

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Live Tasks

Convert even more prospects into customers by following Reply's Live Tasks suggestions

Analytics and Tracking

Examine these stats to lock down the perfect message and see your campaigns reach peak performance.