Email A/B Testing. What Is It and Why You Need to Try It?

So, you have successfully reached the first step of every communication: you have gained attention. No more cold callings. You have your audience now. But what’s next? Your main goal is to keep them, to save those people who became interested in your proposition.

You need to touch their hearts and minds only by the means of email. Do you think it’s much easy now? You are absolutely wrong. You won only the first battle but not the war. There is no secret that you will need to apply a thousand more efforts to save you customers than to invite the new ones. Now you understand the importance of email quite vividly.

In fact, everything needs to be tested. Engineers provide test drives to automobiles they have invented. Sociologists run approbation of questionnaire before they do their survey. The same thing is with emails. You need to find out which text is the most effective. What is email A/B testing and how can you benefit from it?

The best way to do this is to check out two options. Professionals call this A/B or email split testing. You prepare two texts that differ in one or another way. It can be a subject of email or any other element. Then you form the list of addressees and randomly send these two emails. The results of responses will show you which test email newsletter is more effective.

Step #1: What do you want?

First of all you should set a goal. To choose the element you want to test you should understand your task. Try to focus on what is the most important thing to you, because every single part of email is called to reach a specific task. For example, you are afraid that people will be not interested in your email and won’t even open it. Then pay attention on the subject of the letter but not to the images inside or the general design. If people eagerly open your letter but do not follow the links, try to optimize ‘call-to-action’ button to raise the general conversion.

Step #2: Which of the elements suffer most?

After you define what you want and what you need, you should choose the way you are going to implement the idea.
Here are the main elements that can be modified while using email testing.

  • Subject lines / Calls to action and offers
  • Headlines
  • Images and layout
  • Body text
  • Added value for your prospects

Pay special attention to the order of the element you check via A/B testing. The most important parts of every letter are the subject line and call to action. First one makes people open the letter and the second one forces them to act. These are two crucial points of every campaign. After you are sure everything is alright you can go to other positions.

Step #3: Ready? Go!

The goal is set, the elements are chosen. The type of testing is picked up. Now it’s time to act. Prepare the texts and email addresses and set them all into the tool you are using to send the letters. In Reply you simply need to press “Add new variant” button when attaching templates to campaign steps. You can perform multivariate email testing as well.

Be sure that the tool you are using is able to do random sending to provide the best results of testing. If it is not that way, try other methods. For example use segmentation. Do not forget that during any experiment you need to create conditions of equal factors. Thus you can be sure the results are not spoiled.

The results.

How to estimate your results? That is the most interesting part. What it the grade that can be considered as a successful one? Is the improvement in 10% good enough? Is it possible to get better results or you have reached the top ones? While analyzing choose the index to which you can compare your rates. Then continue testing until you are satisfied. Do not get scattered. Focus on one element and test it. Do everything step by step. Only this tactics can provide the best results.

Tells us about other A/B practices you have used? Which are the best ones?

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