Emails & Follow Ups Best Practices

When you start planning your first email campaign it’s always uneasy to define the best possible template for your emails and follow ups. In this article we’ve gathered best email template kit and recommendations both from famous sales people and our customers’ live campaigns tested in Reply.

To start, you first need to define your perfect customer and their need for your goods or services. Having this base, it’s much easier to build an extremely efficient email marketing campaign and turn your cold prospects into warm leads.

Best Sequenced Email Templates

Sequence 1

First email:

Follow Up:

Sequence 2

First email:

Automatic Follow Ups:

Follow Up #2:

Follow Up #3:

Best Practices Email Recommendations

Subject lines:

  • Use your prospects’ name in the subject line when possible
  • Make the subject line personal and brief both in first-step messages and automatic follow ups
  • Don’t make it sound like a marketing email
  • Experiment with questions in subject lines
  • Always deliver in your email what you promise in your subject line
  • Use best practices cold email subject lines for 23% reply rate and higher

Best practice automatic follow ups template structure:

  • emails should be brief
  • emails should be corresponding to the subject line
  • A/B emails test could enhance template efficiency
  • change email structure

And what are your personal best ways of cold emailing? Reply in comments and share your best first-step and follow up email template.

Based on Reply campaign results and blog

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