Feeling a bit sad that summer is over?

Since our ultimate goal is to create the best sales automation and prospecting tool ever, we are here with a new batch of improvements to cheer you up. Ready to learn about the updates we’ve prepared for you this time?

Check out the new Outbox, Campaign page improvements, 3 ways to manage Custom Variables, 5 Campaign Templates based on Reply expertise – and, we’ve just started!


Outbox is coming!

We know that a lot of our clients have been dreaming about it and now we’re happy to announce the launch of Outbox! Welcome to the new page in the main menu. Using the Outbox, you can generate a report for future and current emails, campaigns, campaign steps and individual prospects.

So, you can analyze your sending capacity at the push of a button. Don’t worry if it takes more than a couple of minutes (it all depends on number of prospects, campaigns and campaign steps).

There are four levels for the Outbox with the ability to navigate through them after generating the report.

Level 1 – Email accounts

On this level, you can find limits for unique contacts per month and emails per day for each email account. You can also see information about current and planned emails.

Level 2 – Campaigns

On Level 2, you can analyze all current campaigns with the forecast for upcoming days. Here you can find the same data as Level 1 but for each campaign with email account limits.

Level 3 – Campaign steps

To get to Level 3, simply click on campaign at Level 2. There you’ll find all necessary information about the particular campaign.

Level 4* – Prospects & Emails

Digging deeper into the campaign, you can see all current and future emails with the time delay between them. If you want to edit any of the future emails, it’s possible to do it on this level (just click on the email and you’ll be redirected to the preview page).

Note*: Outbox Level 4 – Prospects & Emails will be available approx. 1 week after main release.



The next improvement refers to the Campaigns tab. You can now save campaigns as a template. While creating a campaign, you can choose whether to create it from the ground up or use the template. Those templates can also be shared across your team.

Check out our new default templates! Upon the first release, you’ll find five great templates based on Reply knowledge and expertise (‘Inbound sales’, ‘Outbound sales’, ‘Educational’, ‘Trial conversion’, ‘Recruiting’).



Now it’s even easier to manage custom variables! We’ve introduced custom variable of ‘Number’ type. It’s handy if you want to integrate data on company size, prospect’s age, Alexa rank, etc. into Reply. Just go through the usual creation process and select ‘Number’ in the custom variables creation popup.

We’ve also added the ability to manage custom variables from three different pages in Reply.

  • New section for Custom fields in Settings allows you to add or rename custom variables. You can also manage the whole list of custom variables here.
  • You can now access this section on the People page from the dropdown menu with a list of grid actions.
  • While importing contacts from a CSV file, you can add custom variables and specify its name and type.


Logs in campaign

Why hasn’t my campaign launched yet? Now it’s easier to find the answer to this question. Just go to the Log tab! The Log tab on the campaign page contains technical information about the events that take place in the campaign. If there are any issues, the logs will help you understand and solve it. You can read more about list of checks in our Support Section.


New version of Gmail plugin

A new version of the Gmail plugin is now live! Add contacts into follow-up sequences right from your Google mail with Reply for Gmail plugin. You can also insert and save Reply templates right in the Compose Message dialog box.


Data storage

We understand that you may need to temporarily suspend your Reply account but would like to have your data safe to use it later. The Data Storage plan keeps your contacts, campaigns, settings, and integrations safe for an unlimited period. To activate the plan, please contact our Support team via live chat or at support@reply.io. The price for the Data Storage plan is $7/month per user.



As we want your experience in Reply to be smooth and seamless, we’ve introduced some limits to prevent your domain from being labeled as spam. You can’t send more than 400 a day from one mailbox and have more than 5 email accounts connected to your Reply account. Read more about all limits here.

To make Reply even faster, improve performance and focus on prospects you will actually send emails to, we now have a limit of 30,000 prospects for individual accounts and 100,000 prospects for business accounts. You can raise the limit for number of prospects in the account depending on your subscription plan by purchasing extra prospects credits.


Changes in Sign up

As most users who’d registered with free email services didn’t have serious intentions, we’ve made a decision to prohibit the use of free email services within Reply accounts to create and run email campaigns. List of prohibited email service domains can be found here.

And last, but not the least, we’ve tried our best to find and fix bugs in People Page sorting, team functionality, etc. to make your experience with Reply even more smooth and pleasant – check it out!

As for further Reply updates, next time we’ll focus on improving the Team version: the possibility to work together with the entire list of prospects, team owners will be able to distribute prospects to team members and lots more! Stay tuned!