Direct Calls

Get in touch with your prospects and customers faster! Reply supports Direct Calls to 100+ countries and connects you and your client using the VoIP system.

Direct Calls

Connect with your contacts, prospects, and customers via the phone directly within the tool — Reply makes a bridge call using a dedicated VoIP number calling your number first, and then calls your prospect once you've taken the initial phone call.

Local Dial

Reply supports Direct Calls to 100+ countries. Choose your local phone number (available from 30+ countries) to dial from a phone number matching the area code of the prospect you are calling.
Living in the US or Canada? You can choose local phone number of the particular state or province to become even closer to your contacts.

Manage Phone lists

Employ Direct Calls easy-to-use functionality to dial down your list of contacts in your account efficiently — quickly add phone numbers to contact profiles, connect with them directly within the campaign or, by clicking on the Call button in the Prospect Detail View. You can also create a separate list of contacts you want to call within the People page for more convenience.

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