Email Automation

Reply takes care of your email drip campaigns by comprehensively automating email workflows with your prospects and customers. Reach your prospects by sending tailored, personalized emails and follow-ups, send an onboarding series to introduce new subscribers to your business, and re-engage inactive subscribers.

Custom Variables

Make sure your emails are as warm and personal as possible by using custom variables for even better results. Create as many custom variables as you need and use them in Templates, Steps or the Preview sections.

Email Templates

Create various email templates to target certain industries, verticals or events. Simply pick the template name, the subject and write/copy your text. All emails and follow-ups look as if they have been sent manually landing up in your prospect's’ primary folder.

Opens & Clicks Tracking

Get comprehensive statistics on performance metrics like Deliveries, Opens and Clicks for every email in a sequence along with insight into the overall performance of your campaign.

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