Team Collaboration

Share email templates across your team. See how your team is performing, what email templates are working the best, and what campaigns are generating the highest response rate.

Team Page

This option helps you to manage your team account. You can see the status and role of every teammate you have within Reply. Being a team account admin, you can always edit the roles and email addresses of other team members. You can cancel your invitation if you change your mind or remove a user from your team whenever you want.

Invite Team Members

Bolster your workflow by adding more team members. Divide campaigns amongst the team for better organization and faster outreach. New members will have access to team templates while admin members will have complete access to all accounts within a team.


Feel free to choose any template and edit, delete or share it with your team or the larger Reply community. You can create as many templates as you want and share your model email copies with your co-workers.

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