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Hit the Top: Reply Named Top Sales Tool of 2017


All of you probably know that mantra — "Consistency is the key to success". And while this doesn’t always work out in our fast-changing world, being named a Top Sales Tool for two years in a row by Smart Selling Tools is something truly special.

So, what actually made Reply stand out from the other sales tools this year?

Named one of the top sales blogs by Hubspot and hand-selected by Nancy Nardin (named one of Forbes’ top 30 social sales influencers in the world), is one of the most in the know sites on sales technologies, and we can’t thank them enough for thinking of us.

"What I look for in a sales app is ease-of-use, high user-adoption, and quick time-to-value. Reply checks all 3 boxes. The AI and automation features on their development roadmap has the potential to keep them as a top contender"
— Nancy Nardin, President of Smart Selling Tools, Inc.


The New Concept — Customer Relationship Automation

Reply's success can be attributed to its vision of the future of sales and technology development.

While you explored the benefits of automated 1:1 communications at scale — which remain and feel 100% personal - we’ve gone ahead and created our vision of sales technology development, which we call Customer Relationship Automation: The New Age of Bots.

It might sound like the title for a science-fiction blockbuster, but the truth is (and the ultimate goal) - customer relationships shouldn’t be managed (as you used to do in your CRM tool) but automated and scaled.

We believe that, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and Smart Automations, this concept can exceed your wildest expectations.

Interested? Sign up for the latest news and updates on our progress while creating the first CRA platform — you’ll be the first to try it!


Focus on AI and Automation Features

At Reply, we believe that creating a great tool is the main driver for business growth, not sophisticated marketing or aggressive sales.

And while the last two can certainly do a nice job growing a company’s market share, we’re focused more on implementing AI and automation features within Reply, along with developing a comprehensive roadmap of further innovations, like:

  • Intelligent email sorting
  • Triggered calls
  • Notifications which will alert users to reach out to those prospects that may not have been 'touched' for a while (for a week or month)
  • Automatic tasks and meetings scheduling
  • Sending automatic follow-up emails
  • Notifications which will alert users to reach out to prospects based on email tracking activities (opens, views, clicks)

And, we've only just begun!


Sales Workflow Integrations

As great as a tool may be, it won’t be effective if it doesn't have the ability to be integrated into the established workflow.

That’s why we’ve been developing a strong integrations ecosystem within Reply, so you can seamlessly integrate Reply campaigns into your sales workflow with native CRM integrations (we already have five of them!) — or use Zapier to set up integrations with 400+ apps.

Being named a Top Sales Tool of 2017 serves as a huge reminder that we are walking the right path.

The lessons we’ve learnt in 2016 will keep us moving forward in the New Year and propel us to even greater heights in the future.

If you like us now, just wait till you see what we have in store!

And remember, there’s never been a better time to Reply!

Oleg Campbell

Founder @ Reply

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