How Marketing Automation Can Save You Big Bucks?

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Do you remember those days when the internet hadn’t matured much and marketers had no choice but to compile endless lists of their prospective clients and send them the same mail one by one? This went on until software geeks came up with a function that could let companies enlist all email IDs in one email and send a bulk email with a single click. Well, that was the first marketing automation attempt.

Of all the marketing technologies in 2015, marketing automation was among the most piloted solutions – to date, there are two hundred and fifteen—and counting—marketing automation solutions that you can pick from.

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So, why has marketing automation become the forefront of the marketing world? Our society is increasingly getting connected online and we are extremely involved in reading online content. With such tremendous increase in online tendencies, consumers expect more personalized interactions.

There are many features that show how amazing marketing automation is, but below are a few important ones:

  • Email marketing – Companies can run the first campaign in hours, or days, not weeks or months
  • Managers can create responsive landing pages and forms; they don’t have to outsource for this service
  • Lead scoring increases an institution’s marketing ability to pass qualified leads to sales; this ensures that closed deals and revenue are derived within a few clicks
  • Marketers can see what leads and consumers are doing on the company website and can even track anonymous visitors
  • It is possible to optimize landing pages, emails, and forms thanks to A/B testing tools
  • Reporting and analytics tools measure real-time company results, giving immediate insights into impact and performance.

Remember, personal engagement at scale can only be experienced through marketing automation.

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