How to enhance the sales and engagement with sales automation software

Have you ever thought how to enhance sales with email automation? Do you think that website pop-ups are effective? The answer is “yes”.

For this, it is very important that the pop-ups should be designed well. Usually these messages are activated at the time when you start any activity on the website especially on the blogs site or at any e-commerce website. You will also find these messages on the social media websites. It is very important that these messages should be executed in a good manner otherwise they will damage your brand image. On the other hand, if these messages are executed in a good way, they can help you to have a remarkable increase in the sales.

Usually the marketing people carefully execute these messages to find out how to improve sales with email automation. Given are the important ways by which you can enhance the sales and the engagement of your social media websites and other websites.

Regular / daily tweets

Whenever a person posts any image highlighting your campaign, you should encourage his participation in the campaign. It is the first and foremost step to respond to the people and encourage more people to do that. Concerned and continue messages on the social media makes the process reliable, active and smooth. The main aim of these messages is to generate responses from the users. Offerpop is the best campaign that activates the messages and have about 44% response rate of their messages. In order to avoid your responses from spam, you should follow the following tips.

Add comic and character to the message

In order to avoid your responses from spam, you should not use some general phrases like “thank you so much for contributing” or “if you want to enter our contest, just click the link given below”. It seems like a virus and give an unpleasant mood to the user.


Only to say that you will “win the price” is not enough to encourage someone to click the link. For this you should offer some specific gifts and make the people excited about the contest.

Link customization links are used for some social media sites like Twitter. These links don’t work for all sites, especially Instagram disables such links. So you can’t use these links everywhere. Try to keep your process simple and smooth.

Entry forms

Initially the social reaction of the users will be used by the companies to get the signed up forms and to gather the information. Different brands can strengthen their relationships with the customers by UGC campaigns, but it is very important that the entry forms are fully formatted. Generally the brands should follow the simple tips.

Data simplicity

The brands should use simple and smooth data and concentrate on the requirements for which the customers will response while browsing.

Involve in-store connections

If a person share a photo from the store by highlighting your campaign and receives instant message then there is a high chance that his followers and friends will take place. You should give an option to fill the entry form and offer the discount coupon through email. You can offer them to have a purchase power.

Prizes customization

Whenever a new person visits your store, you can give him two different prize options to choose from. For this purpose, you can run two different contests. It will be very helpful to know the interest of specific type of demographics.

Content customization

Just like the prize customization, you should offer different options to your visitors to get more information about the brands and the products. For an example, give different options and allow them to choose one among them like “Style Tips”, “Shoe Collection”, “Seasonal Fashions”, “Menswear” and many others. This will give you a summarized report about the selection of the people belonging to a specific region. Sales automation software gives you an opportunity to present these options in the form of images so that the visitor can directly access the homepage or related brand by simply clicking the image.

Follow-up Emails

It is not possible for every visiting customer to win an outstanding prize, but you can give them an opportunity to win the prize with your brand. You should not lose this opportunity and keep on sending follow-up emails to the new targeted and potential customers with the help of sales automation software. These automatic follow up emails can include:

Suggestions about the products

On the basis of the activities of the visitors, you can send relative product’s information to them. For an example, a person who has made a post about shorts would love to see the summer and spring menswear collection.

Instant discounts and coupons

You should simply inbox the barcodes and codes to the participants. In the meanwhile consider them in the store, if you become successful in convincing them to make a purchase before leaving, it will definitely be a win-win situation for both of you.

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