You may have a top-notch business idea, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a lead generation machine. In fact, not every lead you get will be right for your business, no matter how sure a salesperson is about it.


A Flawless One-Liner

Hands down the #1 cause that tanks B2B response rates is a bad one-liner.

Cold recruitment emails (and calls) can be tough. The kind of people your company wants to recruit are already being bombarded with hundreds of emails from other organizations and agencies.

Did you know that sales is one of the careers with the highest burnout rate?
What’s the main reason behind the burnout?

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Every company would love to have more inbound sales.

You know you’ve got a great product or service, one that can change the world (or at the very least make it a little easier for your customers).

Growing a business is hard work. Growing a SaaS business isn’t just hard, but also has its own challenges.

Even though there’s no magic pill for SaaS growth, there are certain trends, approaches, and strategies that can get you to the right place in your business and become a better company.