Introducing: Live Tasks

Convert even more prospects into customers by following
Reply's Live Tasks suggestions.

Don’t let your contacts stand idle! Reply’s new Live Tasks functionality continuously monitors campaign performance
and suggests the next action to take so you never miss out on a winning opportunity!

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No Manual Work, It’s All Automated!

Live Tasks are generated automatically according to a use case (see all use cases below). Each batch of tasks is associated with a certain campaign, suggesting the prospects to reach out to.

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Click on the Live Tasks Batch

In the Tasks tab you see batches of the task suggestions based on your current campaigns — click on them to see the list of prospects you can perform suggested action with.

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Follow the Suggested Action In Reply

Select prospects from the list to move them to another Reply campaign. Apart from ‘Move to Campaign’ or ‘Move to List’ action we’ll add the option to call, follow-up and book a meeting shortly.

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Live Tasks Use Cases

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1. Prospects finished campaign but never replied

Don’t let your contacts remain idle! Reply creates tasks for the contacts that are finished in a campaign, but never responded to your communication activity (received all emails from the campaign, and did not bounce your email nor opted out). Every two weeks, Reply analyzes campaigns and creates task suggestions for these contacts — these tasks expire every two weeks.

2. Prospects viewed your email several times

Reach out to those prospects, who are likely to be more interested than others by using 'viewed your email '#' number of times' (you can specify the number, the best practice is 3+ times). Reply monitors your initial outreach campaigns and creates task suggestions for these contacts every day. This task expires every three days.

3. Contacts clicked on links in your email
Coming Soon

Follow-up with the hottest prospects from your campaigns! Once a prospect from a particular campaign clicks on the link in your email (this can be a link to your website or special offer), Reply creates a task suggestion on a daily basis so that you won’t miss out on the deal.

4. Contacts replied to your email, but you forgot the send a follow-up
Coming Soon

Everyone dreams of a successful email campaign, with lots of responses. However, sometimes, you can miss out on a follow-up (or just forget, it happens) and neglect a great reply. To help with that, Reply checks your campaigns to find those prospects, which answered your email, but didn’t receive a follow-up, and creates tasks suggestions to contact them ASAP.

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