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Small Team: 3 users

  • 3 user licenses included
  • 3 email addresses per user
  • $70 per additional user
  • Contact 30,000 people per month
  • Team Edition
  • All features included


Scaling Sales: 5 users

  • 5 user licenses included
  • 3 email addresses per user
  • $60 per additional user
  • 10K email validations included
  • Team Edition
  • All features included


Predictable Revenue 10 users

  • 10 user licenses included
  • 3 email addresses per user
  • $50 per additional user
  • 20K email validations included
  • Team Edition
  • All features included

What You Get

  • Upload contacts via CSV file, API or Zapier integration
  • 360 contact view

    Keep track of every interaction you have with a prospect over multiple email campaigns in Reply.

  • Contact segmentation

    Segment contacts to organize your outreach - pull specific contacts into lists according to the criteria you choose.

  • Duplicates detection
  • Automatic time zone detection
  • Pull contacts from CRM
  • Data marketplace

    Find quality prospects for your outreach campaigns right from Reply using validated partner services.

  • Contact and domain blacklisting

    Blacklist unwanted contacts to ensure you are not sending emails to them. Prevent contacting unwanted organizations by blacklisting domains.

  • Send & monitor 3 email addresses
  • Reply, click and open tracking
  • Email copy A\B testing
  • Custom delay between sending each email
  • Automatic replies classification
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Intelligent email sorting

    Benefit from Reply’s AI-backed algorithm that automatically categorizes your replies. Check out the ‘Interested’ folder for the hottest leads!

  • AI-backed email quality check

    Employ Reply’s AI-backed assistant to help you create actionable emails, which are more likely to be opened and replied to.

  • Automatic pause of contacts that reply
  • Email & campaign templates
  • Built-in & custom variables
  • Email validation

    Reply’s three-level email validation ensures that your emails are delivered directly to the Inbox folder, without falling into spam.

  • Outbox

    Running several campaigns simultaneously? Make sure you don’t exceed daily sending limits by checking the Outbox to see the number of emails (by campaign) planned for sending from all email accounts connected to your Reply account.

  • See how your campaign performs over time
  • Find out what email templates work best
  • See how your team members perform
  • Get statistics at every level
  • Daily/weekly/monthly performance reports in your inbox
  • Share Contacts, Templates, and Campaigns
  • Admin access to team accounts
  • Team reporting
  • Workload management

    Manage workload between team members and specify permissions by choosing between Public or Private modes within the Team Edition.

  • Scheduled timing for sending emails
  • Breakout of number of emails sent daily
  • Sending emails according to contacts' time zone
  • Separate delivery windows for first step emails and follow-ups

Safety Settings

  • Duplicates detection
  • Prevent adding same contacts to different campaigns
  • Forbid sending emails to the same prospect too often
  • Prevent sending emails with missing template variables
  • Limit the number of emails for a single contact per day or week
  • BCC emails to CRM
  • Rich API with 40+ methods
  • Salesforce,, Pipedrive, Copper CRM and Base CRM native integrations
  • Integration with 1000+ apps via Zapier
  • Sync contacts statuses with CRM
  • Automatic pulling leads\contacts from CRM based on filter criteria
  • Gmail integration

    Operate with your currently launched campaigns and add new prospects and templates to your pre-scheduled email sequences directly from your Gmail with a light-weight Gmail plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Reply differ from MailChimp or other email marketing software?

    Email marketing tools help marketers send a commercial message to a group of people via email. Reply helps sales teams automate personal email communication with leads and prospects at scale to accelerate sales.

    At Reply, emails and follow-ups are sent on your behalf, look as if you typed them manually for each contact, and always land in the ‘Inbox’ folder.

    Reply empowers sales reps to respond to new leads within seconds, interact with prospects more consistently, generate more qualified sales opportunities, and close more deals.

  • How does Reply make my emails 100% personal?

    Emails sent with Reply look as if you typed them manually for each contact:

    1. You create an email in a plain text mode, which doesn’t look like a commercial email.
    2. Reply offers multiple variables, like <first name>, <company>, <country>, and more. You can also create an unlimited number of custom variables.
    3. For more personalization, you can change particular emails for specific prospects in the ‘Preview’ tab before launching a campaign.
    4. Instead of adding a mandatory opt-out link, you can insert an opt-out text line at the end on an email, such as ‘P.S. Let me know if you are not interested’. It is absolutely compliant with legislation such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM and feels much more personal.
  • What is an email campaign in Reply? How does it look?

    It’s a sequence of several emails – first email and several follow-ups are sent on your behalf. To create and launch an email campaign, just follow a step-by-step setup wizard:

    1. Add content to the email body – you can create it yourself or use one of Reply’s out-of-the-box templates.
    2. Add a schedule to specify the time and days of the week your emails will be sent out.
    3. Add people to the campaign.
  • Are there any email sending limits?

    The default sending limit for emails per day from one connected email account is 400 emails (based on Google’s sending policy). Each plan includes 3 email accounts with the possibility to add two more accounts for $20 each per month.

  • Is Reply suitable for working in teams?

    Sure! Reply’s Team Edition allows users to collaborate with prospects, campaigns, schedules, and templates within the team, and see detailed statistics of each team member.

    You can manage the workload between team members and specify permissions by choosing between Public or Private modes within the Team Edition. Moreover, it is designed to supercharge account-based selling in teams – collaborate on prospect and company levels for better outreach.

  • How can I ensure that my emails won’t go to spam?

    We have a set of guidelines to help you avoid getting your emails treated, labeled and marked as Spam. However, there is no guarantee that your prospects are not going to mark you as spam unless you make your lead lists more targeted or bring more value to your contacts when emailing them.

  • What CRMs does Reply integrate with?

    Reply has native integrations with five CRMs: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Copper, Base, and Moreover, Reply offers rich API with 40+ methods and Zapier integration to help you connect the tools you use everyday and automate your workflow.

  • Do you offer industry-specific email templates?

    Of course. In your Reply account, you will find campaign templates for inbound and outbound sales, trial-to-customer sequences, emails for recruiters and business development, and more.

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