Reply Adds a Record Number of Engagement Channels

Reply Adds a Record Number of Engagement Channels


For the past year, our key focus at Reply has been on the three cornerstones of effective sales outreach:

  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • Omnichannel engagement

We’ve already delivered a number of updates, including conditional variables and Zapier steps to offer an extra layer of personalization and automation to your outreach.

Today, we’re happy to announce the biggest update to Reply since the launch of Multichannel Sequences.

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the new engagement channels in Reply! 🎉

Your outreach is about to get more versatile and effective than ever before - and here’s how.

All hail the new king - multichannel engagement

Top-performing sales teams have been experimenting with different engagement channels and strategies for years. Despite being very effective, those touchpoints have rarely been consistent, let alone automated!

But we’re about to change that 😉

With this update, we’re adding a record number of engagement channels in Reply to help SDRs build meaningful engagement experiences at scale and connect with prospects anywhere - whether it be email, SMS, WhatsApp or LinkedIn messages, voice calls, direct mail, etc.

The available channels you can use in your sequences now include:

Of course, automated/manual tasks, emails, and cloud calls are nothing new to most sales professionals. Reply users should also be familiar with the use cases for LinkedIn steps.

Let’s take a closer look at the most recent additions to the sequence flow to give you an idea of the many options that are now available in Reply.

Manual Emails

Automated emails have long become a go-to outreach channel and a foundation of any sales engagement sequence in Reply. They are easy to use at scale and extremely customizable due to a wide range of personalization options available in Reply.

With the introduction of manual emails, you can now send hyper-personalized messages featuring variables, links, or visuals to your key accounts without compromising the power and convenience of automated outreach.

When creating a sequence, you can now add a Manual Email step with a pre-filled email template. Reply will then generate the corresponding task, which you can complete later in the Reply Chrome extension by sending the email after customizing the template with a personal snippet. 

Manual emails overview

And the best thing about using manual emails in your sequences is the ability to delay sending the message for a day or two (i.e. if you don’t have the time to research the prospect and customize your email) without pausing the whole sequence.

Read more about using Manual Email steps in sequences here.

Automated and manual SMS

SMS is a completely new outreach channel in Reply that we’re happy to introduce to our users. Similar to emails, it has two modes - automated or manual.

With automated SMS, you can schedule a message based on the set template in the SMS sequence step. These text messages will be visible in the contact’s activity and can be managed on the new Messages page. 

Using a manual SMS step in the sequence, you create a corresponding step in the sequence with the pre-filled message text. Reply will remind you to send the SMS manually from the Chrome extension once the time comes.

SMS step overview in Reply

You can add a personal touch to both automated and manual SMS message templates using variables.

The SMS step works with your current phone number from Twilio. There’s also a new page in Reply called Messages that allows you to easily manage of all your outgoing or incoming SMS messages (we will talk about that a little bit later).

Learn more about SMS steps in sequences here.

WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp steps are another valuable addition to the multichannel engagement experience you can build in Reply. 

Adding a WhatsApp step in the sequence creates the corresponding task in Reply; the system will automatically prompt you to send the pre-set message once the time comes.

The messages will be sent from the corresponding task in Reply’s Chrome extension either through the WhatsApp web or desktop client.

Similar to emails, you can insert different variables to personalize your WhatsApp messages at scale.

Find a detailed guide on how to add WhatsApp steps in sequences here.

Zapier steps

Adding a Zapier step in your sequence isn’t just a great way to automate some aspects of your prospecting process (i.e. contact enrichment or data sync); it also has a huge impact when it comes to creating omnichannel engagement experiences. For example, you can add Zapier steps to:

  • send SMS or make calls to prospects outside of Reply (using third-party tools instead of the built-in Twilio-based option offered within Reply).
  • run account-based marketing campaigns. For example, you pass the contact details to your ABM tool and target leads from your sequence with paid ads on social media.
  • build more complex workflows - connect to tools like TexAu and Phantombuster and include touchpoints across other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
  • add direct mail outreach - send prospect data to tools like Sendoso and send direct mail.

Design enhancements for maximum usability

If you’ve been with Reply for some time, you might have noticed the level of attention to detail our team has - it would be impossible to introduce new features without tailoring the overall in-app experience. 

Along with the major channels update, we’ve also implemented some design enhancements to make Reply even more intuitive and easy to use. 

Here’s a quick overview of the key changes:

  • The new Messages page offers a single space for the users to view replies, answer to SMS messages from any sequence, or manually send messages from a contact sidebar.
Chat with Reply team
  • Templates page which now allows users to create personal/team folders, edit, delete, share templates, and much more.
  • Updated sequence steps UI. Since Reply offers many sequence steps to choose from, it is important that our users can quickly and easily create steps and switch between different step types.
  • Validate button redesign makes it more visible on the People page. To validate emails, you need to select at least one contact and select the ‘Validate Emails’ icon (validation credits must be purchased from Settings>Plans & Billing prior to using email validation).

More Reply updates

In addition to the new channels and design enhancements listed above, we’ve also made some minor updates to the platform, including:

  • Freemium plan for Chrome extension signups

From now on, all users who sign up via our Chrome extension will be able to get a sneak peek inside Reply with a Freemium plan. 

In addition to email search, you will be able to access the platform’s core functionality, including email validation, the possibility to create sequences, import contacts, and manage templates, for free with two user accounts and a 100k prospect limit, by default. 

You won’t be able to launch the sequences or use any of the available integrations (including API or Zapier steps). To take full advantage of Reply, you will still need to upgrade to one of our paid plans.

Monthly subscription plans

Find business emails on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator with Reply Chrome extension

  • Out of office automation

There’s also a new feature to help you handle contacts with an OOO status. Contacts that were automatically detected as out of office in Reply sequences will now get the Out Of Office status and will be paused - the system will automatically resume those contacts after 14 calendar days. 

To resume sending follow-up emails to your contacts earlier, you will need to change the status from Out Of Office to Active manually. 

  • Inbox read/unread action

The updated Inbox tab now includes the new Unread category. You can also use the Unread filter to quickly access unread emails and mark selected threads as read/unread.

The threads from Unread can be checked and moved to any other category, marked as read/unread, or completely removed.

Replies tracking in the sequence
  • Contact lists during CSV upload

We’ve also added the ability to create new contact lists right during the CSV import. The feature works when importing contacts on the main People page as well as within the sequence → People tab.

Embrace the modern SDR toolset with Reply

With this release (in addition to our previous updates), Reply has become the ultimate sales engagement tool - a Swiss army knife for SDR teams.

A single platform to find prospects, connect with them across different channels, handle one-on-one conversations at scale, and build lasting relationships with them - Reply can do it all!

We can’t wait to see the amazing results you will be able to achieve using our platform 🚀

Join now with our Thanksgiving Offer and get up to 30% off on all monthly prices (paid annually), unlimited email search on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, and free implementation of Reply right into your sales stack.

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