Hey Reply users!

Wherever you are this summer, and no matter how hot it is outside, your email campaigns will continue to bring you new leads, while you hit your sales quotas.

To make things even better, we’re releasing a refreshing batch of summer Reply improvements, check them out!


Improved Performance of the People Page

We have significantly optimized the People page and improved its loading speed. From now on, it doesn’t matter how many contacts you have on the People page, it will load quickly during the first load event.

Also, the page provides fast filtering results when you using predefined smart filters or creating custom smart filters with multiple conditions. How fast is it? Before you can say, ‘I need an ice tea now!’ 🙂


In-app Onboarding

At Reply, we believe things shouldn’t be overcomplicated. Still, since Reply continues to add more features that our users are asking for, sometimes it can be tough to find specific a setting, like, ‘How to add a second email account?’ or guess, ‘Why hasn’t my campaign started sending?’

For Reply users, we’re launching onboarding tips and walkthroughs to help you get familiar with Reply, along with several most frequent Q&As to help you launch your first drip campaigns.

To access the onboarding widget, open the account’s drop-down list and click ‘Get Started’.


Opt-out Link in Test Email, Preview and Email Chain Preview

We have added opt-out links to test emails, Email Preview and Email Sequence Preview modes so you can see how your opt-out links will look before you hit the ‘Launch’ button.


Automatic Email Validation during Import from CSV files

Email validation is always a great best practice since it affects email deliverability rate and overall campaign performance. So we’ve added automatic email validation to the process of importing contacts.

When a user imports contacts using a CSV file, Reply automatically checks all contacts’ emails for validity against Reply’s internal database, and marks contacts with invalid emails when the import process finishes.

This will help you to reduce the bounce rate and improve the overall performance of your campaigns.


Improved Password Security for New Users

We have improved password requirements for new Reply users. From now on, passwords for new accounts must be at least ten characters long and contain at least one uppercase symbol.


Updated Email Quality Check Service

AI features have gotten smarter! Now, the Email Quality Check Service recognizes follow-up emails, which may or may not contain an email subject and recalculates the total email quality score without penalties due to the empty email subject for follow-up emails.


Bug Fixes

Oh, those bugs.. 🙂 With this release, we’ve fixed over 15 pesky bugs that appeared in Reply. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your work with the app! Stay tuned!