& Gradual: SDR Onboarding Done Right


Looking to scale your SDR team? Struggling to get your new hires up to speed? Don’t let the growing pains hurt your productivity and revenue. Join Reply and Gradual for a free masterclass on how to streamline the SDR onboarding process and ensure a smooth and speedy ramp-up for your employees.

The webinar covers:

  • Why do you need SDR onboarding? The importance of training for effective ramp-up.
  • How to build the effective process from scratch — Reply’s first-hand experience.
  • Our 6-week onboarding plan, from ICPs and list building to advanced outreach tactics and personal productivity tips.
  • SDR onboarding best practices and pro tips to build an efficient training process
Oleg Bolotnov

Oleg Bolotnov

Founder at Gradual

Former SaaS Channel sales head, the sales community developer, created Gradual with the passion to automate training saving time for sales leaders and driving more revenue with effective sales guys. Backed by Startup Wise Guys, Europe's most experienced B2B accelerator.

William Oleksiienko

William Oleksiienko

SDR Team Leader at Reply

William is in charge of all things sales development and prospecting at Reply, leading a team of 10. A coding enthusiast, he is keen on sales tech, process automation, and scaling creative personalization tactics., All rights reserved © 2022. Contact sales +1 855 747 99 53 (toll free)