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Sales Email Assistant by is an AI-powered tool that helps you create 100% human-like emails in seconds while focusing on personalization.

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Maximize open & reply rates

Create better emails and make sure your text is actionable and perfect before hitting that ‘Send’ button

Get instant feedback

Check an email text in real-time using our Email Quality Check and see if you have a higher chance to get a response

AI-backed algorithm

Email Assistant is powered by GPT-3 language prediction model that uses deep learning to create human-like text.

Here’s how our Email Assistant works:

Generate first-step emails

Improve the existing email template copy, create a new email using a short summary or generate a new email based on the given bullet points.

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Generate AI follow-ups

For the follow-ups, you can also improve the existing text or generate a completely new one based on the previous messages in your sequence thread.

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Start sending instantly

The best part? You can instantly put the newly-generated messages to use by pushing them directly to your sequences — no need to switch between the apps.

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AI writes, AI checks

Check your email copy with the help of AI text quality scoring and take a look at the ‘Interested’ folder for the hottest leads provided by our intelligent email sorting.

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What our customers say about Email Assistant

rating from Matt Zuvella

Their sequencing is way easier to use than any other service. The AI for subject lines and readability is excellent as well.

Matt Zuvella
Matt Zuvella
VP of Marketing
rating from Zack Pennington

They make really great suggestions on things like the subject line, length of copy, reading level, tone, and call to action.

Zack Pennington
Zack Pennington
Sales Manager
rating from Kellan O'Connor

We like the ability to check the quality of our sales emails, this tool has helped us drastically increase our response rates.

Kellan O'Connor
Kellan O’Connor
rating from Ben-Manson Toussaint

If you are writing in English, try to follow the automatic AI content creation & quality evaluation. It really works.

Ben-Manson Toussaint
Ben-Manson Toussaint
CEO & Co-founder
rating from Paulina Szuszkiewicz

Their platform has an amazing AI feature that checks the “spamminess” of your emails – this feature alone is worth trying.

Paulina Szuszkiewicz
Paulina Szuszkiewicz
rating from Dovid Rotshtein

I LOVE the scoring and recommendations the system gives as you write your sequence. Very helpful.

Dovid Rotshtein
Dovid Rotshtein
Marketing Manager

Virtual sales email assistant

A relevant, appealing cold email template is one of the prerequisites of successful outreach. Yet, coming up with fresh and equally effective messages for every campaign is a real challenge.

We also know how important it is for SDRs like you to stay on top of your inbox. You simply can’t miss a warm opportunity while dealing with the negative replies.

Luckily, both problems can be easily solved with the virtual email assistant – the AI software built by our team.

AI email assistant from

Reply’s AI Sales Email Assistant is a smart email management tool built into our sales engagement platform to make your life as an SDR easier and your daily routine – more enjoyable.

Our marketing assistant will help you create effective cold email campaigns by crafting the highly personalized, relevant messages at scale. Simply provide a short summary of what you want to say, an outline of the bullet points with relevant info, or let it analyze the previous messages in the thread to come up with an appealing and appropriate message.

Using the assistant AI email generator you can create the first-step messages as well as the follow-ups and assess your email quality score.

Namely, our tool will also check email quality of the template (the provided or generated one) against parameters like length, readability, or spam words to provide insights on how it’s likely to perform. Follow the best practices suggested by email quality checker to improve your templates and ensure their maximum effectiveness.

The virtual assistant will also make sure that you never miss another opportunity. It uses machine learning algorithms to scan the incoming responses and determine if they are positive, so you don’t have to waste time sorting through junk and can focus on the people who matter most.

It’s more than a simple AI responder. It’s your own personal assistant that you can fully rely on to improve your email quality.

What is AI email responder or AI reply generator

An AI email responder is a software tool or system that employs artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to automatically respond to emails on behalf of a user. These systems are designed to handle routine or repetitive email inquiries, allowing users to devote more time to higher-value tasks.

AI email responders analyze the content of incoming emails, understand their context and intent, and generate appropriate responses. They may use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to interpret the meaning of the emails, as well as machine learning algorithms to improve their accuracy over time.

AI email responders’ functionality varies according to the application or platform. Some may provide basic auto-reply features for simple inquiries or out-of-office messages, whereas others may provide more advanced capabilities such as personalized responses based on the email content or integration with other systems to perform actions based on the email content.

Overall, AI reply generator can help boost productivity by automating repetitive email tasks, reducing time spent on manual email management, and ensuring prompt responses to incoming messages. However, these systems must be carefully configured and monitored to ensure that they accurately reflect the user’s preferences and that communication quality is maintained.

AI response generator

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