Did you know that Sales is one of those careers that has the highest burnout rate?

The main reason behind the burnout is because most salespeople lose motivation in the field.

Growing a business is hard work. Growing a SaaS business isn’t just hard, but also has its own challenges.

Even though there’s no magic pill for SaaS growth, there are certain trends, approaches, and strategies that can get you to the right place in your business and become a better company.

“Someone was visiting our site and asked me what we did better than our competitors.”
I asked in return “Were you able to chat with any of them online today?”
He said “No :)”, signed up, and paid that day.”
– Josh Ledgard, Founder of KickoffLabs

As a leader, you’re responsible for increasing revenue and achieving financial targets.

There’s snow in the air, logs on the fire, and the mistletoe has been strategically placed around the office.

It can only mean one thing – it’s beginning to look a heck of a lot like Christmas.

Sales has changed a lot over the years. From a time when most sales were made face-to-face, we can now sell to millions of potential customers around the world.

Remember that moment from Harry Potter? Well, that’s exactly how my inbox looks like before every single holiday :)

What’s more surprising is most of the emails came from just a couple of companies who wanted to get my attention with their holiday offers soooo badly.

Outbound prospecting can and will help your inbound marketing efforts. For example, you can use outbound prospecting to secure marketing objectives like guest posts which will drive inbound leads.

When I was a kid, I was petrified when I saw Cube—prime numbers still give me the shivers. My friend would hide behind the sofa during Doctor Who, peeking out then ducking back whenever the Daleks appeared.

They say a poor craftsman blames his tools, but when it comes to sales the right software can have a huge impact on your results.

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