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About Live streaming:

In the ever-changing and increasingly competitive world of sales development, the only way to stand out is to stay ahead of trends and innovate.

Since many SDRs have mastered cold calls, personal email, and LinkedIn outreach (making these channels overcrowded) it is now vitally important to find new ways to effectively engage your prospects.

In this Live Stream, we will explore the fresh new tactics for inbound and outbound sales engagement, AI trends, and emerging channels worth trying out. We will also share the top-performing sequences, and show you how to streamline LinkedIn outreach and automate other route tasks with a single tool.

Meshelle Hamlet
Meshelle Hamlet
Sales Manager and Product Expert at Reply
For the entire career Meshelle has thrived by working for innovative technology companies. With over 15 years of sales experience, she has developed a deep understanding of what makes a successful sales process, as well as how to create the perfect customer solution. Meshelle is obsessed with memorable customer experiences as their success drives her success.
Joshua Melo
Joshua Melo
Account Manager and Product Expert at Reply
Proactive Success Manager with a thorough background in successfully implementing professionally directed strategies for maximizing client and company sustainable proven value (SPV).

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