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Antoine Gagné, J7 Media
Antoine Gagné,
J7 Media

On top of keeping my sales representatives more motivated, I also increased my sales by 25% with Reply.

Carthele Kelly, LeadGenius
Carthele Kelly,

This is definitely something that addresses a very serious need within all sales organizations.

Tim Co, IHNY Concierge
Tim Co,
IHNY Concierge

We’ve used Reply now for 8 different clients and we’re seeing 100% engagement.

Chris Park, Ginger.io
Chris Park,

We fell in love with Reply from day one. Saves us tons of time and effort.

Because every reply matters

In 2018 our users received 1,500,000 replies, 500,000 of them showed immediate interest. This milestone was reached because of you and your hunger for finding new ways to accelerate sales.

4.6/5 in G2Crowd rating

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Kizny Visuals
How Reply Helped Kizny Visuals Get a 90% Response Rate
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What made Reply stand out more than any feature set was the attitude of their team. The way they communicated with us and solved our problems was a big help, as well as how open they were to feedback, adapting their software to our needs.

Patryk Kizny, Kizny Visuals
Patryk Kizny, visual director
The Productify
How Reply helped The Productify fill their workshops
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Unlike the other tools, Reply seemed refreshingly simple. Reply makes the outreach easy for me, so it’s one less thing I have to worry about. It is very straightforward, and the results look like I just wrote this casual, personal email.

Arjun Saksena, The Productify
Arjun Saksena, founder
How Reply Helped RelocateMe Achieve an Immediate 37% Reply Rate
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Using Reply now helps us to not only increase reply rates and sales numbers, but also to strengthen client relationships due to the personal nature of the messages.

Andrew Stetsenko, RelocateMe
Andrew Stetsenko, founder
Mister eCommerce
How Reply Helped Mister eCommerce Expand and Achieve 64% Reply Rate
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We’ve had incredible results with open rates as high as 92% and reply rates as high as 64% and, at some point, the numbers were even higher.

David Grégoirein, Mister eCommerce
David Grégoirein, founder
Growth Marketing Consulting
How To Get Over $1,000,000 in Sales Opportunities Using Reply.io
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I consistently have my new clients get Reply.io accounts – for sending cold emails to get them booked on podcasts, get in the press, and/or get sales appointments.

Daniel Wallock, Growth Marketing Consulting
Daniel Wallock, Growth Marketing Consultant
The App Solutions
How Reply Helped The App Solutions Automate Lead Activation
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Working with Reply has saved us a lot of time and effort. It is a great tool for outbound sales process, as well as activating the inbound leads.

The App Solutions
The App Solutions
Business RadioX
How Business RadioX got open rates of up to 70% with Reply
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With Reply I have about a 60% hit rate with heavily customized emails, but at the same time, I’ve reduced the amount of time I work to about one to two hours a month.

Michael Greenberg, Business RadioX
Michael Greenberg, owner
How Reply Helped pr.co Get Reply Rates of Over 65%
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Reply offered us a platform where we’re sure that the right emails go out at the right time. An additional benefit is how Reply has helped us scale up our operations.

Sjors Mahler, Pr.co
Sjors Mahler, Sales & Growth Lead
How Reply Reduced the Number of Cold Calls and Increased Sales
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Having tried Reply for months now, we reduced the number of daily cold calls by 10 times while getting more customers than ever before.

Adam Taylor, Keptify
Adam Taylor, Senior Account Executive
How Reply Saved HotelsByDay 7 hrs/week for Each Salesperson
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50% of deals closed are now following a Reply campaign, while saving 4-7 hour per week for sales reps on manual follow-ups and outreach campaign management.

Yannis Moati, HotelsByDay
Yannis Moati, CEO
How Reply Helped People™ Generate an Additional $15,000 in 3 Months
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With Reply we were able to generate an extra $15,000 of revenue during the first 3 months using our cold email campaigns.

Sat Sindhar, People™
Sat Sindhar, Managing Director
Agency Hackers
How Agency Hackers Got 120 Industry Leaders in the Same Room
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Using Reply was great. The emails would go out on schedule and next thing I know I get lots of pings on my phone from Stripe, saying I’d received payments.

Ian Harris, Agency Hackers
Ian Harris, CEO
HR Payroll Systems
How HR Payroll Systems Automated their Process and Closed 10% More Leads
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Before Reply, we were doing all our emailing manually, which took up a lot of time. Now our follow-up process is completely standardized so we can just set it and forget it.

Dave Rietsema, HR Payroll Systems
Dave Rietsema, Founder and CEO
How Reply Helped Leadworx Scale their Business and Get a 34% Response Rate
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Reply offered the best functionality, the UI is very intuitive to use, plus the customer support team is very active.

Sahil Aggarwal, Leadworx
Sahil Aggarwal, Co-founder & CEO
How Reply Helped Demio Find their Ideal Customers
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Using Reply to reach out to possible guests for the podcast, we achieved 70 percent open rates and 25 percent response rates. All we had to do was bring in leads and then Reply started the conversation.

David Abrams, Demio
David Abrams, Co-founder & CEO
How Reply Helps Pipestry Represent over 40 Companies and Get an 80% Open Rate
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While we’ve used other email automation tools before, Reply offers great value for the price. The biggest saving was being able to add multiple email addresses per account.

Brendan Burnett, Pipestry
Brendan Burnett, Co-founder & CEO
Magnolia Innovative Solutions
How Reply helps Magnolia Innovative Solutions engage with their leads
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My absolute favorite feature about Reply is that I can't add the same person more than once to any one campaign. Reply has helped me deliver the right emails to the right person, the right number of times.

Josh Sullivan
Josh Sullivan, CEO & Founder
Traffic Partner
How Reply helped Traffic Partner automate their inbound leads
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My favorite feature of Reply has to be the support. Anytime I had a problem, it was solved quickly). The in-app chat works very well and their support team is well trained and prepared to solve any problems fast.

Francis Kinder
Francis Kinder, Head of Performance Sales
Dayana Mayfield
How Reply helped a solo business owner get cold email reply rates of 33%
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I’ve tried several different tools over the past year and I just love Reply. We get higher deliverability, the UX is great and it's just super easy to use and intuitive to set up your campaigns.

Dayana Mayfield
Dayana Mayfield, Founder

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