Top 5 Sales Prospecting Mistakes Beginners Make

It is incredibly easy to build a sales prospecting when using the right tools. Though there are many of them at your disposal to benefit from, there are still chances to make sales prospecting mistakes.

Here is the list of five most frequent sales prospecting mistakes to avoid for beginners.

1. Purchasing email lists

Many beginners are convinced that an idea to buy an email list should be quite a good plan for small startups which urgently need to receive a sales prospecting schedule. However, the reality is quite the opposite.

When you buy an email list, in most cases you will get an open rate that equals from 0.01% to 0.1%. According to MailChimp’s study if your electronic mail list has much to do with your purchased list, you will receive plenty of spam complaints. Therefore, if you want to waste your time, you may buy email lists to promote your sales.

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2. Creating the entire list from scratch

Many beginners believe that when they have a contact list of potential buyers, they may just add an email template and send it to entire contact list. Email marketing specialists are sure it is a false approach when you make first steps in building a sales prospecting plan. At the first stage it is better to learn others’ experience. For example, you may send emails to some people from your network and use the info to develop subsequent group of contacts.

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3. Using automation tools that reveal themselves

If you want to know whether you got an email from a real person, you should check if there’s “via” in the sent letter line. For example, if you received an email from [email protected] via, you can be 100% sure it was automated. Reply, e.g., can make your emails look 100% manually types and sends it directly from your mail server.

You should bear in mind that your prospecting email will not look personal if you use automation tools for sending. As a result, you will most probably get no answer. In the worst case – your email will be considered spam.

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4. Not Segmenting Prospects

The statistics of email marketing shows that in order to receive a 15% higher open rate you should send segmented emails. Let’s consider an example. You sell marketing services to neighboring business. You may both make a swift review of the presence of business online and segment your email list by strong-against-weak presence. After that you need to send extra-targeted emails to every sector.

Regardless of your target market, you should find ways to segment prospects by means of the data you have at your disposal to send more personal and targeted messages.

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5. Not following up with your prospects

Each experienced seller is aware of the fact that you must always follow up. Thus, it is vital you write follow up emails to make your sales prospecting program work really well. Never give up when you get no answer from your initial prospect email. You may use sales automation tools like Reply for that to avoid doing monkey job.

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If you avoid major mistakes in sales prospecting (at least these 5) you will see how your sales rates increase dramatically.

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