A Week of Reply Improvements #2 and Batches of Goodies

A Week of Reply Improvements #2 and Batches of Goodies


At Reply, we believe that the best insights on tool improvements are gained from our users – therefore, all we need to do is listen to you carefully and fill out our backlog with relevant tasks.

Wondering what we’ve prepared for you this time?

Check out Campaign page improvements, the new AI model for Inbox email sorting, an updated Salesforce integration, and the new Zapier trigger - the #2 batch of Reply improvements is here now!


Campaign Page Improvements

First and foremost, the Campaign page is optimized for working with multiple email campaigns, as we’ve changed the mechanics of campaigns loading.

Reply now loads 20 campaigns at a time, adding another 20 each time you scroll down, and so on ad infinitum.

Moreover, even if you have hundreds of campaigns in your account, it doesn’t affect page performance any longer.

Campaign page in Reply is now optimized for working with multiple email campaigns

We’ve removed the Archived section from the Campaign page and added more convenient filter options for archived campaigns - use it to see the full list of campaigns you’ve archived.

The new filtering options for archived campaigns

The next Campaign page improvement includes the new Performance metric/column — from now on it is calculated in a different way, depending on reply rate only.

To make the numbers even more easy-to-see, we’ve added color indicators:

  • 0-3% reply rate matching low campaign performance is shown in red color,
  • 3-10% reply rate, which stands for medium campaign performance is in yellow,
  • 10%+ reply rate of high performing campaigns is in green color.

The new Performance metric with reply rate color indicators


The New AI Model for Inbox Email Sorting

The next major improvement is the new enhanced AI model for email sorting in your Inbox - it is designed to automatically sort higher % of your replies, while doing it at a higher quality than was before.

We expect that the new AI model is able to process 85% of replies in English in real-time manner.

Ready to check out the latest Reply improvements?

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Email Synchronization from Reply to Salesforce.

Welcome the new email synchronization from Reply to Salesforce as a part of our Salesforce Integration!

Enjoy the ability to automatically sync inbound/outbound emails from campaigns or direct email from Reply to Salesforce.

On the Salesforce side, emails are synced to Tasks (as only this entity was available via API) with subject and description providing info about type of email and contents. For more information, see the link for article below.

Sync inbound/outbound emails from Reply to Salesforce

Emails are synced to Salesforce Tasks with subject and description

Email sync in SF article


‘Prospect Finished’ — the New Zapier Trigger

Another nice-to-have improvement on the Integrations side — we’ve added the new zap trigger Prospect Finished, which triggers once a prospect or a contact receives a ‘finished’ status in the Reply campaign.

Moreover, you can set up your workflow indicating reasons why prospects finished the campaign (like Finished after X days, Manual, Bounced, etc.), along with obtaining stats for the whole number of steps in a campaign, and the specific step the prospect has finished at.

‘Prospect Finished’ — the New Zapier Trigger


Bug Fixes and the Upcoming Improvements.

And last but not least - we’ve fixed dozens of those annoying bugs in Pipedrive and Salesforce integrations, prospect sidebar, email writing popup, and Campaign page UI.

We’ve tried our best to find and fix them all to make your working in Reply even more smooth and pleasant - check it out!

As for the further Reply updates, next time we’ll focus on improving the People page and its functionality (like Move to Campaign action), making Email Validation more compelling, adding the new Live Tasks use cases and lots more…

Stay tuned!

Oleg Campbell

Founder @ Reply

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