Meet Jason AI –
first B2B Conversational AI

Jason AI is your personal assistant powered by ChatGPT to set up outreach sequences, handle prospect responses, and book meetings for you. Like magic!

STEP 1: Define your audience
Define your perfect customer

Reach out to potential customers knowing they are interested in what you have to offer! Apply filters to target the prospects most likely to buy your product or services.

Automate personal outreach in… seconds!

Jason AI creates sequences with the initial email, follow-ups, and social touches while suggesting other channels to reach out to prospects on your behalf. Oh, Jason knows exactly which channels work best for each specific case.

Share your product offering with Jason

Allow Jason AI to learn more about your company and its offerings. Jason will learn and be able to auto-respond to basic customer inquiries and book meetings on your behalf.

Jason handles conversation with leads

Getting a response is just the beginning. Jason then reads emails from your leads and handles basic customer inquiries, including booking meetings for you.

Booking meetings

If a prospect replies with an intent to book a call, Jason will suggest a time and date and book a slot in calendars.

Handling ‘Not now’

Jason AI will respond with a proposition to talk later and ask about a more suitable time.

Providing more details

Prospect asks for more information about your product or service? Let Jason provide them with the details they need.

Handle ‘Not interested’

Say goodbye to lost opportunities. Jason AI handles “Not Interested” responses and provides counter-offers.

Forwarding requests

Reached out to the wrong person? Jason AI will inquire about the appropriate contact.

“How are you different?”

Prospect asking how you differ from competitors? Let Jason AI provide them with a detailed explanation.

Reschedule meeting

Jason AI seamlessly handles meeting reschedule or cancel requests by your prospect.

And much more!

Jason AI can handle various types of conversations, just like a human, and even better.

Get your calendar filled with meetings

From lead generation to booking a meeting, Jason AI handles the full engagement cycle with your prospects, so you just need to show up to the meeting.. for now.

Get the best AI assistant for your team

In today’s digital era, AI assistants have become indispensable for businesses across various industries. An intelligent assistant robot can revolutionize the way we work in so many ways.

Among the plethora of the most advanced AI assistant types available, there are a few that are widely adopted by multiple businesses:

  • AI writing assistant generates written content – from blog posts and marketing copy to social media posts and more.
  • AI research assistant can sift through databases, articles, and other information sources to extract key insights and summarize complex concepts.
  • AI digital assistant interacts with you in a conversational manner, providing information, performing tasks, and making recommendations.

But what is the best AI assistant out there?

Sales AI assistant for business

Launched a few months ago, Jason AI is a free smart assistant AI for sales professionals.

Jason artificial intelligence offers the ultimate B2B email experience for SDRs creating personalized emails and multichannel sequences from prompts and handling responses to incoming emails on your behalf.

This makes it one of the best AI assistants for SDRs, which leads to enhanced productivity and successful outreach.

Ultimately, the right AI-assistant for your business will depend on your specific requirements and the tasks you need assistance with. It’s essential to consider factors such as functionality, integrations, and user experience before making a decision.