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Build laser-focused prospect lists

Find the right audience

Hand-pick the right prospects using our advanced search filters. Source valid emails, corporate information, and direct dials in seconds.

Connect your CRM

Sync the list to your CRM and enrich it with actionable data in a click. Easily score, route, and update your pipeline with accurate info anytime.

Instantly reach your prospects

Engage your prospects with multichannel outreach sequences using Reply. Create hyper-personalized buyer journeys at scale.

Enrich existing contacts

Enrich the data of any contact or account added to Reply by filling in empty default fields or adding up to 24 custom properties.
Utilize additional relevant details to communicate and engage more effectively with your audience

B2B database to fuel your pipeline

While sales teams tend to use on average 10 tools in their daily activities, there are few that are as important as a B2B lead generation database. This is the foundation of a scalable, predictable pipeline.

Whether it’s used in prospecting or is a part of the database marketing B2B email database is a key asset that every business should invest in.

But what exactly is a business database? How to find (or build) a good one? And most importantly is there a contact database free to use?

What is B2B database?

A B2B contact database is a large directory of business contacts that contains emails, phone numbers, or any relevant information about a person or a company that can be used to find potential customers, partners, candidates, etc.

That said, the list of prospective customers used by SDRs is usually called a B2B sales leads database. Basically, there’s no critical difference between this and B2B marketing databases, other than the latter is built in-house while a B2B sales database is bought from an outside vendor.

An integral part of a modern sales stack, B2B databases provide you with quality leads for your prospecting lists and allow you to expand your reach and grow your pipeline.

You can build your own B2B email marketing database using inbound prospects that opt in to receive your messages. But in this case your database marketing campaigns will be targeting the same audience, unable to reach more potential customers. For that reason sales teams choose to have a prospecting database – a huge list of contacts, sorted by industry, company, etc. sourced from a third-party provider or built manually using various tactics and tools.

That is exactly what Reply Data – a B2B sales database built by our team – can offer.

B2B database services by Reply

There are dozens if not thousands of B2B database companies out there. Some of the best B2B database providers would cost you a pretty penny, but there’s also a plenty of cheaper options to choose from.

Reply Data is a free B2B contact database that comes as a valuable addition to our core sales engagement platform. It’s been created to solve a common dilemma many SDRs face in their work – rely on stale, outdated, or limited data sources or pay thousands of dollars for quality B2B databases.

With over 140 million of records in the contact database, you can easily scale your prospecting efforts and build numerous lead lists for targeted campaigns. No manual research is required. Filter the contacts by a number of attributes like industry, company headcount, or even location and build laser-focused lists.

Next, you can sync your leads to a CRM or push to a sequence and start building relationships right away. There’s also an option to verify the contact information to minimize bounce rate and ensure high deliverability for your sequence.

All in all, Reply Data is the best B2B sales leads database you can access for free. And it’s being constantly updated to keep our data clean and up to date.

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Reply helped us build a $400,000 pipeline in 45 days. I personally believe Reply is the best outbound sales tool on the market.

Gabriel Padva , CRO for Revenue Accelerator