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Find business emails on LinkedIn and push them to a sequence in Reply.

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Engage your leads with automated multichannel sequences.

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Execute tasks, make calls, reach out on LinkedIn, and sync data with your CRM.

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Analyze outreach results, A/B test your messages, and improve team performance.

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LinkedIn Email Finder

Discover prospects' business emails on LinkedIn and ramp up your productivity with Reply Chrome Extension. The extension searches for prospects’ emails in seconds, automates email search and sales outreach.

  • Email search on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiter;
  • Bulk email finder;
  • Pushing contacts to a sequence in Reply;
  • Email and phone sourcing;
  • Prospect data extraction;
  • Window mode, Gmail compatible.

Contact Data Sourcing

Find quality prospects for your outreach campaigns right from Reply using validated partner services.

  • Native integrations with data providers;
  • Sourcing and targeting third-party services;
  • Recommended tools.
Contact Data Sourcing

Email & Phone Validation

Verify prospects' emails by deliverability, bounce rate, and other criteria to increase sequence performance and reduce the chance of attracting spam filters.

  • Built-in email validation
  • Phone number validation
  • Flexible plans
Email & Phone Validation

Email Warm-up

Prevent your emails from going into the Spam folder. Reply’s Warm-up tool increases your email, domain, and IP reputation to boost deliverability rates.

  • Automated email warm-up;
  • Email deliverability booster;
  • Several warm-up profiles: Basic warm-up, Domain repair, Reputation boost, etc.;
  • Warm-up process via real people accounts;
  • Warm-up progress tracking;
  • Reply’s proprietary algorithm;
  • Privacy-friendly.
Email Warm-up

Multichannel Sequences

Engage with your prospects via multiple channels – send personal emails and follow-ups, schedule calls, fulfill daily tasks, connect and reach out to your prospects automatically on LinkedIn.

  • Personal emails, calls, tasks, SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn outreach & Zapier steps;
  • LinkedIn steps for Connect requests, Messages, View profile, and InMail;
  • Reply detection and classification;
  • LinkedIn outreach & Zapier steps;
  • Tailored messaging;
  • Dynamic, conditional, and custom variables;
  • Email and sequence templates;
  • Custom schedules;
  • Video integration;
  • A/B testing;
  • Branded links;
  • Calendar integration.

Cloud calls

Connect with your prospect on the phone right from your Reply account and Chrome extension. Implement voice into your sales communications with Cloud Calls.

  • VoIP Calls via Browser;
  • Click to call from Reply UI and Extension;
  • Call Dialer;
  • Local Presence;
  • Custom Caller ID;
  • Inbound calls transfer;
  • International calls and numbers support.
Cloud calls

Messengers & Social media

Get in touch with your prospects in messengers and on social to speed up communications or send important reminders.

  • Send messages to your prospects via WhatsApp;
  • Send SMS;
  • Use Zapier step in a sequence to connect any messenger available on Zapier;
  • Upcoming: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ProductHunt interactions.
Messengers & Social media

Personalized Videos

Add personalized videos from Vidyard to your emails In Reply with the new integration and increase prospect engagement.

  • Vidyard integration for video recording and hosting;
  • webcam, browser tab, or full-screen recording;
  • Custom CTAs in videos;
  • Book meetings right from the video;
  • Real-time notifications and analytics.
Personalized Videos

LinkedIn Automation

Scale social selling and reach out to prospects on LinkedIn with semi-automated tasks for Connect requests, Messages, View profile, and InMail.

  • Semi-automated tasks for LinkedIn outreach: Connect requests, Messages, View profile, and InMail tasks;
  • Pre-populated messages with variables for 100% personalization;
  • Task flow to speed up outreach;
  • Upcoming: automated LinkedIn outreach.

Appointment Booking & Calendar

Book meetings with prospects directly from Reply.

  • Connect your Google account with a single click;
  • Sync all booked meetings to the connected Google calendar;
  • Set up your availability, meeting duration, include the Google Meet link.
Appointment Booking & Calendar

AI Email Assistant

Create 100% human-like emails and follow-ups in seconds and improve email text to increase response rate.

  • Generate first-step emails based on email copy, summary, or bullets;
  • Improve existing text for follow-ups or generate a new one based on emails in a thread;
  • AI checks email text and subject line on six parameters estimating chances to receive a response;
  • Powered by GPT-3 and Reply’s proprietary algorithm.

Tasks Flow

Ramp up your productivity with Tasks Flow in Reply Chrome extension. Your daily tasks and the ability to connect via LinkedIn, email, voice, and social are always within reach.

  • Tasks Flow opens tasks one by one;
  • Semi-automated LinkedIn tasks;
  • Sending manual emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages;
  • Daily workflow on tasks dashboard;
  • Tasks page in Reply and the extension;
  • Prospect status visibility;
  • Log for direct and sequence calls to Reply;
  • Communications and context anywhere you need them;
  • Complete prospect info and recent activities.
Tasks Flow


Automate your workflows and sync data with multiple integration options available at Reply.

  • Native integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Copper CRM, Pipedrive, Close.io, Zendesk Sell;
  • Integrations via Reply Chrome extension with Salesforce, HubSpot, Copper CRM;
  • Rich API with 40+ methods;
  • No-code integrations available via Zapier, Integrately, Integromat.

Contact Management

Manage prospective customers with ease - segment your prospects according to a myriad of criteria to keep your outreach organized.

  • Contacts import from CSV file
  • Manual contact data entry
  • Contact list segmentation
  • Smart Filters
  • Profile and sequence history
  • Recent contact activity
  • Email conversations
  • Contact and Domain Blacklisting
Contact Management

Team Collaboration

Collaborate on campaigns and prospects, manage team members, share email and campaign templates, track team performance, and more:

  • A unified list of prospects and campaigns for your team;
  • Filtering based on ownership;
  • Unified schedules list and activity visibility;
  • Team and community sequence & email templates;
  • Domain and prospect blacklisting
  • Public and private modes;
  • Team management and invites;
  • Account-based selling.
Team Collaboration

Smart Features

Leverage Reply’s smart and AI-backed features to engage with your prospects better and faster.

  • Inbox Email Categorization;
  • Suggested actions based on prospect activity;
  • Suggested calls for hot prospects.
Smart Features

Reports & Analytics

Stay ahead of the game by tracking your sequence progress and analyzing calls, task execution, and team performance with Reply’s detailed report.

  • Reports for emails, calls, tasks, and team performance;
  • Meetings booked analytics;
  • Sequences and Team analytics;
  • Team results;
  • Stats export;
  • Calls recording and listening.
Reports & Analytics

Improvement Tools

Tune your messaging to reach peak performance – Reply has a set of improvement tools to help you get better results.

  • Email quality check;
  • Email A/B testing;
  • Sequence templates (Team and Reply suggested);
  • Outbox - insight on your sending schedule.

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