Full-cycle sales engagement solution


Build laser-focused prospect lists with Reply Data and push contacts to a sequence in Reply.

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Connect with your leads faster using AI-generated multichannel sequences.

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Execute tasks, make calls, reach out on Professional network, and sync data with your CRM.

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Analyze outreach results, A/B test your messages, and improve team performance.

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Fuel sales outreach with new prospects at scale

Build laser-focused prospect lists with Reply Data product, source from integrated data providers, and validate contact emails.

Reply Data – free B2B company & contact database

Reply Data is a B2B Company and Contacts database containing over 140 million contacts to fuel your pipeline and level up your prospecting efforts. Find the right leads, contacts, candidates and partners, and instantly connect with them at scale.

  • 140 million contacts in database;
  • Multiple detailed filters for laser-focus targeting;
  • Free unlimited access;
  • Native CRM integrations;
  • Handy Chrome extension.

Deliverability Excellence

Unlock the power of effective email outreach with our enhanced deliverability feature.

  • Enable monitoring of domain settings with the Email Health Check section;
  • Monitor your spam complaint rate with Google Postmaster Integration;
  • Navigate evolving email policies with expert guidance and support;
  • Maintain your sender reputation with our strategic MailToaster Partnership;
  • Let our experts set up and monitor deliverability for you with the Deliverability Service Package;
  • Ensure your message hits the mark with multiple channels.

Prospect data sourcing

Discover prospects’ business emails and ramp up your productivity with Reply Chrome Extension. The extension searches for prospects’ emails in seconds, automates email search and sales outreach.

  • Try native integrations with data providers;
  • Get help with sourcing and targeting by third-party services;
  • Explore recommended tools section.

Email & phone validation

Verify prospects’ emails on deliverability, bounce rate, and other criteria to increase sequence performance and reduce the chance of getting noticed by spam filters.

  • Built-in email validation with the highest validation accuracy;
  • Automatic phone number validation for most countries;
  • Flexible plans to match your business needs.

Triggers (Automations)

Automate tasks based on specific events or conditions with Triggers. For example, once a contact clicked on a link or opened an email a certain number of times, you can move the contact to a specific step in a sequence.

  • Assign a newly created contact to the specific owner (for example, based on the company size or location);
  • Add a newly created contact to a specific list based on any contact field;
  • Remove a contact from the sequence if they responded, bounced, or opted out;
  • Mark the contact as finished once a call is logged.
Triggers (Automations)

Engage your prospects via multiple channels

Reach out to your prospects via automated sequences of personal emails, Professional network messages, calls, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

Multichannel sequences

Connect with your prospects via multiple channels – send personal emails and follow-ups, reach out to your prospects automatically on Professional network, schedule calls, send SMS and WhatsApp messages.

  • Personal emails, calls, tasks, SMS, WhatsApp, social outreach & Zapier steps;
  • Multiple email accounts per sequence: add as many emails to one sequence as you need to reach out bigger audience;
  • Email and sequence templates;
  • A/B testing for email steps;
  • Steps for Connect requests, Messages, View profile, InMail, and recent posts likes;
  • Custom schedules with flexible setup;
  • Branded links: track opens, clicks and opt-out with your oun domain;
  • Smart reply detection and classification: interested, not interested, meeting booked, out of office, etc.
  • Dynamic, conditional & custom variables for email, SMS, social messages, and WhatsApp steps;
  • Vidyard video integration in email step;
  • Calendar integration for seamless meeting bookings.

Professional network automation

Scale social selling and reach out to prospects on Professional network with automated and semi-automated steps: connect request, message, view profile, InMail, or recent post likes.

  • Automated steps: message, connect request, view profile, like recent post;
  • Semi-automated steps: connect request, messages, view profile and InMail;
  • Pre-populated messages with variables for 100% personalization;
  • Task generation for semi-automated Ln steps;
  • Create a sequence with social steps only or use as a part of multichannel outreach.

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Cloud calls

Connect with your prospect on the phone right from your Reply account and Chrome extension. Implement voice into your sales communications with Cloud Calls

  • VoIP Calls via Browser;
  • Click-to-call from Reply UI and Chrome extension;
  • Call Dialer;
  • Local Presence;
  • Custom Caller ID;
  • Inbound calls transfer;
  • International calls and numbers support;
  • Call recording and sharing.

Messengers & Social media

Get in touch with your prospects in messengers and on social.

  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Zapier step to connect any messenger available on Zapier
  • Upcoming: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ProductHunt interactions.

Personalized videos

Add personalized videos from Vidyard to your emails In Reply with the new integration and increase prospect engagement.

  • Vidyard integration for video recording and hosting;
  • Webcam, browser tab, or full-screen recording;
  • Custom CTAs in videos;
  • Book meetings right from the video;
  • Real-time notifications and analytics.

Sequence and email templates

We’ve collected top performing email and sequence templates in Reply to help you increase sequence efficiency or just draw some inspiration. Create your own sequence and email templates to share with a team.

  • Collection of top performing sequence templates featuring various use cases;
  • 40+ email templates proved to get highest open and reply rates;
  • Create your own email and sequence templates to share with a team.

Jason AI – B2B Sales Assistant

Create 100% human-like emails and follow-ups in seconds and improve email text to increase response rate.

  • Define your ideal customer and target prospects likely to buy your product/services;
  • Automate personalized outreach with Jason AI: email sequences, follow-ups, and social touches;
  • Share your product offering with Jason AI to enable auto-responses and meeting bookings;
  • Handles lead conversations, including email reading and basic inquiries;
  • Fill your calendar with meetings as Jason AI manages the entire engagement cycle with prospects.

Reach out to prospects in person

Execute tasks automatically generated from sequence steps, make calls, reach out on Professional network, and sync data with your CRM.

Appointment Booking & Calendar

Schedule meetings with prospects directly from Reply sequence. Reply meetings seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar so you can have complete control over your schedule.

  • Connect your Google account with a single click;
  • Sync all booked meetings to the connected Google Calendar;
  • Set up your availability and meeting duration, include the Google Meet link.

Tasks Flow

Ramp up your productivity with Tasks Flow in Reply and Chrome extension. Your daily tasks and the ability to connect via Professional network, email, voice, and social are always within reach.

  • Tasks page and Chrome extension work seamlessly together: manage tasks in Reply UI, execute in Chrome extension;
  • Tasks Flow opens tasks one by one in the extension for fast execution;
  • All executed tasks are logged in to the activity tab in prospect card;
  • Reply creates tasks from semi-automated sequence steps: call, social, manual email and SMS, WhatsApp, etc.
  • User are able to create tasks manually: meeting, manual email, SMS, WhatsApp, call, social, to do;
  • Make calls, send manual emails, SMS, social and WhatsApp messages using Chrome extension;
  • Check prospect status visibility;
  • Access prospect info and recent activities.


Automate your workflows and sync data with multiple integration options available at Reply

  • Native integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper CRM, Pipedrive, Close, Zendesk Sell
  • Integrations via Reply Chrome extension with Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper CRM
  • Available Reply plugins for Salesforce and Copper CRM;
  • Rich API with 40+ methods
  • No-code integrations available via Zapier, Integrately, Integromat

Contact management

Manage prospective customers with ease – segment your prospects according to a myriad of criteria to keep your outreach organized.

  • Contacts import from CSV file or integrations;
  • Manual contact data entry;
  • Contact list segmentation;
  • Smart Filters;
  • Profile and sequence history;
  • Recent contact activity;
  • Contact and Domain Blacklisting.

Roles and permissions

Collaborate on campaigns and prospects, manage team members, share email and campaign templates, track team performance, and more:

  • A unified list of prospects and campaigns for your team;
  • Filtering based on ownership;
  • Unified schedules list and activity visibility;
  • Team and community sequence & email templates;
  • Domain and prospect blacklisting
  • Public and private modes;
  • Team management and invites;
  • Account-based selling.

Smart features

Leverage Reply’s smart and AI-backed features to engage your prospects better and faster.

  • Inbox Email Categorization;
  • Suggested actions based on prospect activity;
  • Suggested calls for hot prospects.

Improve sales outreach results with smart suggestions

Analyze outreach results, A/B test your messages, and improve team performance.

Reports & analytics

Stay ahead of the game by tracking your sequence progress and analyzing calls, task execution, and team performance with Reply’s detailed report.

  • Reports for emails, calls, tasks, and team performance;
  • Meetings booked analytics;
  • Sequences and Team analytics;
  • Team results;
  • Stats export;
  • Calls recording and listening.

Improvement Tools

Tune your messaging to reach peak performance – Reply has a set of improvement tools to help you get better results.

  • Email quality check;
  • Email A/B testing;
  • Sequence templates (Team and Reply suggested);
  • Outbox – insight on your sending schedule.

Consolidated Inbox

Consolidated Inbox gathers all threads from sequences and team members in one place.

  • Streamlines communication management within the Reply platform;
  • Easily check and respond to replies from automatic and manual emails;
  • Access the Inbox through the dedicated button in the main header menu;
  • Unread message counter provides visibility of new messages.
consolidated inbox