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Find business emails on LinkedIn and push them to a sequence in Reply.

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Engage your leads with automated multichannel sequences.

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Execute tasks, make calls, track prospect activity and sync data with your CRM.

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Analyze sequence results, A/B test your messages, and improve team performance.

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Chrome extension

Discover prospects' business emails on LinkedIn and ramp up your productivity with Reply’s new Chrome Extension. Your daily tasks and the ability to connect via email, voice, and social channels are always within reach.

  • LinkedIn business email search for a list of contacts
  • Syncing and enriching contacts from Salesforce, Hubspot and Copper CRM
  • Unlimited email and phone search
  • Contact search
  • Pushing contacts to a sequence in Reply
  • Prospect data extraction
  • Email and phone sourcing
  • Integrated Name2Email plugin experience
  • Window mode
  • Gmail compatible

Contact data sourcing

Find quality prospects for your outreach campaigns right from Reply using validated partner services.

  • Getting contacts from Salesforce, Hubspot and Copper CRM
  • Native integrations with data providers
  • Sourcing and targeting third-party services
  • Recommended tools
  • Email validation
Coming Soon
  • Data Enrichment

Multichannel sequences

Engage with your prospects via multiple channels - send personal emails and follow-ups, make calls, generate daily tasks, and connect on LinkedIn automatically with your prospects.

  • Emails, calls, tasks, LinkedIn connection steps
  • Email and sequence templates
  • Tailored messaging
  • A/B testing
  • Custom schedules
  • Reply detection and classification
  • Basic & custom variables

Cloud calls

Connect with your prospect on the phone right from your Reply account and Chrome extension. Implement voice into your sales communications with Cloud Calls.

  • VoIP Calls via Browser
  • Click to call from Reply UI and Extension
  • Call Dialer
  • Local Presence
  • Custom Caller ID
  • Inbound calls transfer
  • International calls and numbers support

Vidyard GoVideo integration

Add personalized videos from Vidyard to your emails In Reply with the new integration and increase prospect engagement.

  • Vidyard integration for video recording and hosting
  • webcam, browser tab, or full-screen recording
  • Custom CTAs in videos
  • Book meetings right from the video
  • Real-time notifications and analytics
Coming Soon
  • Salesforce Call Logging
  • Copper CRM Call Logging

Productivity tools

Ramp up your productivity with Reply. Your daily tasks and the ability to connect via email, voice and social are always within reach.

  • Daily workflow on tasks dashboard
  • Tasks page
  • Prospect status visibility
  • Communications and context anywhere you need them
  • Complete prospect info and recent activities
  • Self-service and team management for calls
  • Log for a direct and sequence calls
  • Native CRM Integrations, API & Zapier

Contact management

Manage prospective customers with ease – segment your prospects according to a myriad of criteria to keep your outreach organized.

  • Contacts import from CSV file
  • Manual contact data entry
  • Contact list segmentation
  • Smart Filters
  • Profile and sequence history
  • Recent contact activity
  • Email conversations
  • Contact and Domain Blacklisting

Team edition

Collaborate on campaigns and prospects, manage team members, share email and campaign templates, track team performance, and more:

  • A unified list of prospects and campaigns for your team
  • Filtering based on ownership
  • Unified schedules list and activity visibility
  • Team and community sequence & email templates
  • Domain and prospect blacklisting
  • Public and private modes
  • Team management and invites
  • Account-based selling

Smart features

Leverage Reply’s smart and AI-backed features to engage with your prospects better and faster.

  • Inbox Email Categorization
  • Email Quality Check and Suggestions
  • Suggested actions based on prospect activity
  • Suggested calls for hot prospects
Coming Soon
  • Calendar management
  • Integration updates (Salesforce and Copper CRM)
  • Gmail API email sending and tracking

Reports & Analytics

Stay ahead of the game by tracking your sequence progress and analyzing team results with Reply’s detailed report

  • Sequence and Team analytics
  • Team results
  • Stats export
  • Calls recording and listening

Improvement tools

Tune your messaging to reach peak performance – Reply has a set of improvement tools to help you get better results.

  • Email quality check
  • Email A/B testing
  • Sequence templates (Team and Reply suggested)
  • Outbox – insight on your sending schedule
Coming Soon
  • Calls analytics
  • Task analytics

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