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Reply has scoured the globe to find the most passionate professionals who share in our mission statement: to create the most impressive software possible to make the lives of our clients just as easy.

Founded in

Offices in US,
Canada and Ukraine


distributed teams


I’ve loved programming since childhood and started my career as a developer when I was 19. However, I felt that wasn’t the ultimate goal but a means for creating something more significant.

I started to work in sales to learn how it drives company growth from inside. I found that a lot of tasks were being done manually and took up a lot of time – like sending emails and follow-ups to prospects. I decided to automate the process, and Reply was born.

Lee Gladish, Co-Founder

I’ve been working in sales from my very first job right out of school. And I always loved technology. Having the chance to build a company that combines both is a lot of fun. That’s why building Reply and solving a problem for sales people were very close to heart.

My goal is to move the needle for all sales professionals to become more productive. We are still very early in our journey and have only started to see what automation can accomplish. Stay around for a while, we’re building some very cool tech.

Management Team

Oleg Campbell CEO and Founder
Lee Gladish Co-Founder and COO
Anatol Kisil VP of Product
Lucy Literado VP of Marketing
Artem Kosolap CTO
Ajaz Hussain VP of Sales
Olivia Milton CMO
Eugenia Chuprina Head of Support
Stefanie Jankins Director of Customer Success

Our Values

We are one team

Being a fully-distributed company with team members all around the world, we still act as one team, and our diversity makes us strong.

Do your best or don’t do it at all

Our customers are the main focus and #1 priority. We are determined to deliver ‘WOW’ experiences for our customers through product and service.

You can be serious without a suit

We believe and practice a possibility to express yourself in every way and still have the highest professional standards, without a formal attitude.

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