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Coming up with new and effective subject lines day in and day out can be a real struggle. Spark your creativity with some fresh subject line ideas from Reply team!

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Why are email subject lines important?

Win Goodbody

A subject line is like a newspaper headline, a title on a book’s spine, or the key slogan of a print media ad. It tells the user what this is all about. And it should do so in sparkling style — seamlessly channeling your brand.

Win Goodbody Senior Product Manager, Sitka Technology Group

When it comes to email marketing, the best subject lines tell what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell what’s inside.

David Moth

Nothing says spam quite like a shouty, capped up subject line. It makes it difficult to read and is unlikely to have the desired effect of grabbing the reader’s attention.

David Moth Deputy Editor, Econsultancy
Daniel Pink

We sometimes forget: Every email subject line is a pitch.

Daniel Pink Author, To Sell is Human
Neel Shivdasani

The content of your message is really what determines which words you use, but with so few words in a subject line, each one matters quite a lot.

Neel Shivdasani Data Scientist, MailChimp
Ginny Soskey

I always ask myself one question before opening an email pretty much solely based on the effectiveness of the subject line: If I open this email, will it be a waste of time?

Ginny Soskey Staff Writer for HubSpot’s inbound marketing blog

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