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Automate lead generation for your clients

Designed for sales and marketing agencies, our Agency Partner program allows you to take advantage of Reply’s core capabilities on behalf of your clients while enjoying additional features and perks.

Unlimited Email Search

Reply’s Chrome extension searches for prospects’ emails on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator with a 95%+ accuracy rate and no monthly cap.

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Multiple Sales Engagement Channels

Combine emails, calls, LinkedIn, SMS and WhatsApp messages into a multichannel sequence, generate and complete tasks to reach your prospects wherever they are.

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Advanced Roles and Permission Sets

Add or remove client accounts and staff members, manage what they can and cannot access in the system.

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Reporting for Agencies

Track every step of your lead generation efforts: Reply provides in-depth reports on emails, calls, tasks, account performance, meetings booked.

Check and export stats per Client and per Staff Member.

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Automations (Triggers)

Leverage automation in Reply sequences: create complex branched sequences based on if-then logic by utilizing dozens of trigger events and conditions.

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Join Reply’s Partnership Directory

Join Reply’s Partnership Directory

Get listed in Reply’s database of trusted service providers to catch the eye of thousands of potential customers.

Benefit from professional consulting

Benefit from professional consulting

Get listed in Reply’s database of trusted service providers to catch the eye of thousands of potential customers.

Enjoy top-rated support

Enjoy top-rated support

Get priority support and professional assistance whenever you need it. Reply’s support team is always there for you in live chat with 5 min average response time.

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Grow your marketing automation agency

Scaling an agency is a rewarding, but also very challenging task. As any service business, it doesn’t just require a steady flow of incoming leads, but also relies on the lasting relationships with the current customers.

As an owner, you know that lead generation for marketing agency is the key objective for your sales team. But sometimes it can feel like you’re working in circles — and not getting any closer to where you want to be. 

So, where do you start? How do we generate more qualified leads for creative agency (or any other agency for that matter)? First of all, you need to set your key sales objectives.

Why do you need a clear objective in sales

The main objective of sales agency is to help as many businesses set up and streamline effective lead generation processes. To do that you will need to set a number of smaller, operational goals for your team. This is what keeps your team focused on what you need to do each day and week to ensure you reach your ultimate sales goals and make your ad agency successful. 

There is definitely no easy way around setting and prioritizing these goals when it comes to lead generation for advertising agencies. However, when speaking of the key sales objectives for any team, it’s important that they are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

There are several types of objective for sales agency. These include specific sales goals related to revenue (e.g., lead generation for recruitment agencies), customer goals for retention/upsales, and productivity goals aimed at optimizing administrative tasks.

This is where marketing automation software for agencies come into play. This is one of the must-have tools to scale digital marketing agencies. Here’s why.

The benefits of email automation for agency

The adoption of digital marketing software for agencies is an important step when it comes to business growth. After all, such automation tools for agencies can help you implement all three types of sales objectives and strategies related to them.

First of all, ​​marketing automation agency can use software to ramp up their prospecting outreach, which is an essential objective for sales and lead generation in creative agencies. Secondly, the same tools can be used for nurturing and onboarding, helping you retain your customers. And most importantly, they allow you to automate and scale both processes contributing to your team productivity.

Most business owners are looking for free marketing agency software for lead generation. Yet, there are more important aspects than price if you want to reach your key objective for sales. The best software for agencies is the one that is easy to scale, flexible to your needs, and reliable. This is exactly what Reply can offer.

How to automate digital marketing agency with Reply

One of the top software for B2B agencies, Reply offers a full suite of automation tools to run a successful lead generation business, from data collection and verification to proactive outreach and sales engagement and up to meeting booking and follow-ups.

A powerful lead generation software for marketing agencies, our platform is specifically designed our email automation for agency businesses to make it easy to manage multiple customer profiles, user roles and permissions, and hundreds of sequences on autopilot.

With advanced collaboration capabilities your digital marketing agency team can effectively work on multiple accounts. Rich analytics dashboard, in its turn, can help you easily track the performance of your whole team as well as each sequence or touchpoint within it. 

As a result, marketing automation software like Reply can help design agencies accelerate their growth while simultaneously increasing revenue because they’re able to spend less time on manual tasks like emailing clients or calling people who haven’t responded yet — and more time focusing on what matters to them.

Easily integrate with the tools you already use

Leverage a bunch of CRM integrations, robust API, and no-code tools to automatically sync your data and keep records up to date.

Salesforce Salesforce
Hubspot Hubspot
Pipedrive Pipedrive
Copper Copper
Vidyard Vidyard
Zapier Zapier
Integrately Integrately
Make Make

What some of our agency clients say

rating from Suren Arora

“Reply has not just helped us get better insights to our campaigns but has also helped us scale our agency. It has now become the heart of our business.”

Suren Arora
Suren Arora
Director of Technology SSC Digital
rating from Robyn Orsini

“We love using for our entire team. Their customer support is fantastic and the tool is not only super-robust with all the features we need but easy to use.“

Robyn Orsini
Robyn Orsini
Founder & CEO of Lunas Consulting
rating from Gabriel Padva

“Reply helped us build a $400,000 pipeline in 45 days. I personally believe Reply is the best outbound sales tool on the market.”

Gabriel Padva
Gabriel Padva
CRO for Revenue Accelerator

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