Calls Dashboard, Salesforce Sync, and Other Reply Improvements

Calls Dashboard, Salesforce Sync, and Other Reply Improvements


As the year comes to a close, there’s one last batch of product updates we’d like to share with you.

We’ve loaded lots of goodies to bring our (most certainly nice) customers this Christmas – from our shiny new calls dashboard to an even more powerful Salesforce integration along with a bunch of other improvements across the platform.

So, with our Santa hats, join us for a sleigh ride to explore the highlights of the latest release 🦌🦌🦌 🛷

New in reporting: Calls dashboard

Our Reports page, your go-to source of insights on your sequence performance, has received a major update with the new Calls dashboard

Reports page: calls team report

The dashboard allows you to see all metrics related to all logged calls from all team members at a glance so you can understand what works well and what needs to be improved.

What’s more, you can drill down on any metric on the page, usernames, any part of the chart, or bubbles to get more detailed statistics according to the selected filter.

The Calls dashboard includes the following sections:

  • Calls overview, including the total number of calls, the average duration, share of the positive and answered calls, as well as calls to contact.
  • Calls per team member that lists all team members connected to your Reply account, sorted by the number of calls for the selected period.
Calls dashboard: calls per team member
  • Calls per day/month displaying all calls for the selected period based on their resolution (positive, negative, to call, not resolved).
Calls dashboard overview
  • Calls by resolution – all calls for the selected period based on their resolution (positive, negative, to call, not resolved). 
New feature - calls by resolution
  • Calls by disposition – all calls for the selected period based on their status (answered, logged manually, busy, no answer, failed).
New feature - Calls by disposition
  • Answered calls to visualize the number of answered calls by day of the week and time during the day. 

For more detail on how to use the Calls dashboard see this article.

Ready to check out the new Calls dashboard? 

Login to your Reply account or create a new one

Tasks and calls synchronization with Salesforce

Another update we’re happy to announce is the long-awaited addition to our Salesforce integration. 

From now on, you can sync your tasks and calls data between Reply and Salesforce accounts. This should give you a complete overview of your contact activity, i.e., history of completed conversations and tasks, right in your Salesforce profile.

In addition to the previous capabilities (which you can read more about here), we’ve added 4 new sync steps for Salesforce integration:

  • (from) Completed Tasks in Reply – (to) Lead Tasks in Salesforce
  • (from) Completed Tasks in Reply – (to) Contact Tasks in Salesforce
  • (from) Calls in Reply – (to) Contact Tasks in Salesforce
  • (from) Calls in Reply – (to) Lead Tasks in Salesforce

More improvements

And there are more stocking stuffers we can’t wait for you to explore with us! 

To start with, we’ve removed all limits from the Manual Email step, including:

  • Unique contacts per month
  • Email account daily limit
  • Max number of emails to a single contact per day
  • Max number of emails per day from a particular sequence
  • Email account throttling limit per minute

Aside from that, here’s a brief list of other improvements we’ve introduced with the latest release.

  1. Comprehensive sequence statuses. We’ve improved the behavior of sequence toggles and introduced the “Yellow” status for sequences with no active contacts, high bounce rate, or reached contacts limit, etc., along with specific warnings.
Comprehensive sequence statuses
  1. Replies detection for OOO contacts. From now on, if an Out of Office contact responds to an email, Reply will detect such responses and change the contact's status based on sequence settings for handling replies, i.e., Mark person as finished or Continue sending emails.
  2. Sequence suspension because of the high bounce rate. We now have a minimum requirement for an acceptable email bounce rate of 15% for new sequences and 25% for existing ones. If a sequence reaches this limit, it won’t be sending the first step to new contacts (however, it will keep sending follow-ups). You will be notified of reaching half or full bounce quota in the Notification Center and email reports.
  3. Attachments in Preview. You can now expand your email customization even more by attaching files (available under Sequence → Preview).
  4. Reports export. The Export button now has a drop-down with two options available – Export contacts CSV and Export sequence CSV. The same drop-down is also available on the Sequence Stats tab. You can also download both report types at the same time.
  1. New Variables. To help you explore more email customization options, we’ve also added new variables: 
  • {{Owner.Title}} – so you can introduce yourself in an email and
  • {{now_date}} – to display the date when the mail is sent in the format of November 17, 2020.
  1. Additional filters. We’ve created a new Not in List filter so you can quickly find people who are not in a specific list by creating a smart filter on the People page. We’ve also added more options for the Time Zone filter on the People page, e.g., Is, Is not, Is set, and Is not set.
Smart filter example for the prospects
  1. Signature in Manual Emails. To improve user experience with manual/direct one-off emails, we’ve made it possible to add a signature associated with the user email account to manually send emails from Reply.

Wrapping up

That’s it for now.

Hopefully, these valuable additions to our platform will spark some joy in you despite all the Q4 stress and help you finish this year off strong.

We can’t wait to bring you more awesome features and improvements in 2021! 

From our family at Reply to yours – happy holidays 💙

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