How Reply Saved HotelsByDay 7 hrs/week For Each Salesperson

A hospitality agency based in New York.

The Challenge

HotelsByDay is based in New York and is made up of a team of hospitality industry veterans, technology experts and entrepreneurs who are working on a better way for hotels to leverage their unused inventory during the day to increase their revenues and for the traveler who needs the use of a hotel room outside of conventional hours. Given that, they have to email lots of prospects every day. Before trying Reply, all this work was done manually, which turned out to be pretty time-consuming and inefficient.

The Solution

HotelsByDay is now using Reply to contact the leads that accumulated in the Hospitality industry. Once they got accustomed to the service, they found the features were pretty fluent and responsive to their needs. They also admit that Reply works perfectly with the OnePageCRM they are using. To convert leads into customers, HotelsByDay uses a simple strategy: breaking communication in Reply into short separate emails with automatic follow-ups that are sent during the workweek. This approach tends to be the most efficient for the industry as well as the most convenient for their prospects.

The Overview

After implementing Reply into their daily routine, Co-Founder and COO Nathan Stevenson highlights features that they like the most about the tool. First, it's the visibility of the campaigns: with Reply you can easily see all stats and indicators of your email campaigns including active and paused prospects, delivery, open and reply rates, stage of the campaign, number of bounced emails, etc. Second, they found that default pausing of automatic follow-ups for leads that replied to their messages was extremely useful and helped to avoid the tedious task of manual searching and pausing. Third, scheduling the time for sending emails was also appreciated by the HotesByDay sales team as they need their leads to receive emails during certain delivery windows. And last, but certainly not the least, they find the fact that they can upload thousands of leads and break the emails to limit the send out to 100 emails/day extremely valuable. This lets them automate the campaign so they don't need to worry about sending further emails and replies come in every day automatically.

"Usually these messages are activated at the time when you start any activity on the website especially on the blogs site or at any e-commerce website".
— Yannis Moati, HotelsByDay

The Result

50% of deals closed are now following a Reply campaign, while saving 4-7 hour per week for each of HotelsByDay sales reps on manual follow-ups and outreach campaign management. Having tried Reply for a couple of weeks, HotelsByDay decided to implement it into their daily routine and focus on leads communication, increasing reply rates and the number of emails sent dramatically. HotelsByDay claims that 50% of their deals come from Reply outreach campaigns.
HotelsByDay case study: Yannis Moati
Yannis Moati
CEO and founder
HotelsByDay is a hospitality agency based in New York that is working on a better way to match hotels and travellers outside of the conventional hours in a win-win cooperation.