Top 22 Facts to Help Improve Your Response Rate with Reply

Top 22 Facts to Help Improve Your Response Rate with Reply


Cold emails…
People ignore them.
People don’t see what’s in it for them.
People stop reading halfway through, not willing to waste more time.

Getting people to become interested and reply can be quite the endeavour.
Some emails have a reply rate as low as 1%!
Think about all the time and effort lost.
What if there was a tool to help improve your outbound effort?
What if the team behind that tool was ready to share some inside data about its efficiency?
What if there were stats that could help with improving response rates?

Not every fact might be applicable to your case, but, if used wisely, they can definitely improve your response rates. Feel free to add your own top reply metrics and data points that helped improve your response rates in the comments!

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