for Affiliate Partners

Earn up to 30% recurring lifetime commission by recommending to your customers, and get all necessary materials to help you market the platform.

How much can you earn?

Monthly commission for referring 30 accounts. Based on average purchase of $200/month.

Three Easy Steps

Understand the Requirements

You DON’T need to be a customer in order to start earning commission. However, to be most successful, it is important to have the following:

Good understanding of the value of Sales Engagement and how can make lives easier;

Have an audience that can benefit from simple yet powerful Sales Engagement platform that is

Actively share with your audience

20 outreach templates: blue squares

Once you’re registered as an affiliate, simply start sharing your custom link with your audience in those places where it’s most effective: social, forums, blogs, your website etc.

Monitor your growth with a helpful dashboard

Once your referrals subscribe, you’ll start earning a recurring 20% commission for the lifetime of their subscription with us.

Who this is for:

Marketing Agencies
Sales Agencies
Implementation agencies
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