13 Best Recruitment Automation Tools

13 Best Recruitment Automation Tools

It’s always been hard to find and recruit the top talent for your business. Not only do you have to track down the best candidates with the right skill set, but you also have to spot the difference between them and those who simply talk a good talk but ultimately lack the skills you need to grow your organization. In addition, larger companies don’t have the luxury to spend the same amount of time on each hire and ensure they’re a good fit for the job.

In this current climate, it can be even more challenging. A move toward remote-based work, whether temporary or permanent, means you might never meet your next candidate in person. 

With widespread economic concerns, companies can no longer just hire with their gut and hope for the best. Sure it costs a lot of money to find, hire and retain top talent, but it’s even more expensive if you end up with the wrong recruit and have to start over.

The benefits of recruitment automation tools

By using automation software, recruiters can find, contact, and assess potential candidates at scale. While there are all-in-one solutions available, many other tools automate specific parts of the hiring process, often handling monotonous and repeatable time-consuming tasks.

Depending on what tools you use, various recruitment software can help automate the sourcing, screening, outreach, and assessment of potential candidates. This frees up time for recruiters to focus on more high-touch activities, allowing them to add personalization and ensure potential hires are the right fit. 

To make the most of their time and get the best results, many companies (both large and small) are also now turning to recruitment automation tools and AI as the ideal solution for perfect hiring. In many cases, AI can help with assessing thousands of candidates based on their skills and qualifications without any subconscious biases a recruiter may unknowingly have.

Of course, it’s crucial to select the right tools for the job. Just as a recruiter may have a subconscious bias, faulty algorithms, and biased developers can easily result in a biased AI. That’s why recruiters must choose the most reliable and error-free recruitment software that can identify the best-fit resumes and help hiring managers convert them into new employees.

Here are our top recommendations for recruitment automation software. 


The same features that make Reply such an effective sales engagement platform also make it the best sourcing tools for recruiters to discover and engage with your next potential employees. 

For example, with our 140 million+ database, you can seamlessly source the most ideal candidates by applying relevant search filters such as industry, seniority level, and so on. The finalists can then be synced to your candidate management system or added to your outreach campaigns in just one click.

But the real power of Reply as one of the best recruitment software tools on the market is its ability to engage with candidates via multichannel sequences, combining emails, calls, social touches, and other tasks to create unique sequences for your various candidate segments.

With its built-in AI capabilities, hiring managers can automate candidate engagement while keeping every message personalized to the fullest. Powered by ChatGPT, Reply’s AI will craft unique personalized emails or whole sequences as well as handle incoming responses by answering questions and booking meetings on your behalf, just like a human. 

Its powerful analytics features allow recruiters and hiring managers to test different approaches, measure performance, and take steps to adjust and perfect their candidate engagement sequences.

Use it to: Source candidates and create personalized outreach campaigns.

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Zoho Recruit

Along with their popular CRM, the Zoho software suite includes their HR package – Zoho Recruit. This cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) provides companies with an end-to-end hiring solution suitable for both staffing agencies and corporate HR teams.

This includes sourcing and screening candidates with background checks and customized assessments to ensure they’re adequately qualified before they reach the interview stage. Along the way, Zoho Recruit helps streamline the process, for instance, by automatically pulling information from LinkedIn to simplify filling in application forms for candidates. 

One particularly useful feature is the Blueprint tool, which allows you to create and automate your personalized recruitment workflow. This makes it easy to show users what actions need to be taken at what point, ensuring that each task in the workflow is completed properly. Setup is easy with a drag-and-drop interface, letting you quickly automate key actions. Then, the dashboard allows you to see any potential bottlenecks in the process and any steps recruiters spend too much time on, so you can further optimize your work. 

Use it to: Create automated end-to-end workflows for recruiters.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn may not have as many funny cat videos as other social networks, but it’s the perfect place to find your next hire. As the network of choice for all professionals, it has grown in popularity, with more than 900 million users. While it’s not exclusively for job seekers, users share their work history, skills, and recommendations from others in their network.  

While nothing is stopping you from using a basic LinkedIn account to search for potential recruits, LinkedIn’s Recruiter platform simplifies the process and offers additional features to help you find, connect with, and manage your candidates. 

With improved search filters, you can use LinkedIn as recruitment tool to easily and quickly narrow down your search and find people who match the exact criteria you’re looking for. You can then review candidates and see at a glance what they’re up to and if they’re open to new opportunities. 

If you’re still struggling, LinkedIn recruiting tool will make recommendations, such as suggesting skills, locations, and titles (you’ll be amazed at how many different variations of job titles one role can have) that will meet your requirements. You’ll also receive updates on any changes, so if that dream candidate is suddenly and unexpectedly available – you’ll be the first to know thanks to one of the handy LinkedIn recruiting tools.

LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing features also help businesses get their job openings across the users with dedicated career pages and dynamic ads, helping you build brand awareness and attract candidates at the same time. 

Pro tip: Try using LinkedIn automation tools as a part of your basic recruiting strategy to enforce your employer brand and attract more qualified candidates.

Use it to: Find and engage candidates on LinkedIn, and market your job openings.


Are you looking for AI-powered recruitment software that streamlines your hiring workflow and increases the quality of hires? Then iSmartRecruit is a perfect solution to your pain points related to hiring effectiveness.

iSmartRecruit provides highly-scalable Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps recruiters, hiring managers, and staffing agencies automate manual and repetitive hiring tasks. This recruitment solution is affordable, customizable, and has every feature the recruiting team requires.

Furthermore, the ATS simplifies the hiring process by providing easy-to-use features and saves valuable time and cost on the recruitment process. Following are some of the key features this software has to offer:

  • Recruitment Chatbot – 24×7 support
  • Online skills assessment tools
  • Social Recruiting – effective job advertising
  • AI-powered candidate & job matching
  • Resume parsing
  • Candidate Management System
  • Video Interviewing feature
  • Candidate onboarding
  • Recruitment Analytics – make data-driven hiring decisions

The system is integrated with many job boards, Gmail, Outlook, and social platforms. Their fast-growing cloud-based ATS provides a remarkable recruitment experience to companies and recruiting agencies.

Use it to: Hire top talent faster with an all-in-one hiring software.


With thousands of companies hiring at any given time, how can you ensure your job adverts stand out from the crowd and get the best candidates’ attention? 

After all, you could have the best job offer on the market, but if it doesn’t get across to your ideal candidates or capture their attention, it won’t matter because they will never get the opportunity to learn about it. 

Workable helps recruiting teams create memorable, visually-appealing job postings and career pages to get potential employees to stop scrolling and check out their new opportunities. While this job automation software has robust recruitment features, including sourcing and assessments, its real selling point is job marketing. 

Hiring teams can seamlessly create unique career pages within a few short minutes with limitless personalization options, removing the need to pile on more responsibilities for the developers and designers. 

Customizable templates, images, icons, background colors, fonts, maps, infographics – you name it. This way, your job posts will highlight your brand image and tell potential candidates: “This is where you want to be”.

Use it to: Make your job posts attract the right candidates.


A big part of the recruitment process is communication. How do you describe your company? How do you describe the job you’re hiring for? There’s no doubt that the words you use when recruiting make a difference in the results you get. 

Textio offers to help you with your messaging, whether with job postings or company descriptions, with its augmented writing platform. It’s similar to tools like Grammarly, but with less focus on spelling and grammar and more on inclusive and effective business messaging. 

Textio checks your writing for bias and offers insights to help you create and promote a positive work culture. 

Along with a dashboard with metrics of your writing scores compared to similar texts (e.g., job postings for the same role in your area), you’ll also see suggestions for specific wording that will help you attract a diverse range of applicants. In addition, Textio helps you eliminate jargon, making your writing clearer and more professional. 

I particularly like how Textio takes a data-driven approach. Rather than being purely based on opinion, they continuously monitor and analyze the hiring messaging of more than 50,000 global companies, assessing millions of documents every month to give you recommendations you can trust. 

Using Textio has been shown to significantly increase the number of qualified candidates who apply, reducing the time to fill. It also allows you to create templates for your job postings and emails, saving you more time in the future.

Use it to: Improve the wording of your job postings to make them better and more inclusive.


Once you’ve created a pool of qualified candidates, it’s time to begin the selection process by communicating your company’s interest and the upcoming hiring journey ahead of them. This is where recruitment software tools like Sense comes into play. 

Trusted by some of the leading global companies, this candidate engagement platform allows recruiting teams to accelerate their engagement with all candidates at scale, without hindering the human touch. It goes without saying that outreach to hundreds of candidates is very time consuming, to say the least, so this part of the recruitment process should be the first to automate.   

Besides, when there are multiple job openings at any given time, it gets increasingly harder to keep track of all the candidates in the various stages of the recruitment process. Sense tackles this issue as well by neatly organizing and streamlining each candidate journey along with their unique outreach sequence. 

This software uses a combination of different channels to cover all fronts of communication. Integrated emails for initial outreach and follow-ups, an AI chatbot recruiter to screen and schedule interviews, and text messages for reminders of upcoming interviews to never miss out on any potential stars. 

Use it to: engage candidates at scale. 

Test Gorilla

After sourcing and shortlisting the best of the best, recruiters are then faced with the real challenge of the hiring process – evaluate candidates and determine who is the best fit for the open role. 

Test Gorilla is a top-proven candidate assessment tool that promises to help businesses identify the star talents among the pool of applicants. With a library of over 300 scientifically validated tests covering cognitive, software, personality, language, and role-specific skills and abilities, this software definitely has the capacity to evaluate virtually any job role. And if that’s not enough, it allows you to create customized assessments, including interview, essay, multiple choice, and coding questions for a more personalized evaluation.

Oh, and there’s no need to go over and mark these assessments because Test Gorilla will do that for you in seconds, along with providing an objective score of the candidates best fit for your specific role and company. 

Such candidate assessment tools also tackle the issue of unconscious bias by evaluating and scoring applicants solely based on merit. 

As an extra bonus, Test Gorilla provides a pleasurable and sort of gamified experience for the candidates, so you can rest assured that your finalists will be more than eager to join by the end of the recruitment process.  

Use it to: assess candidates to make the best hiring decisions. 

Spark Hire

Most recruitment processes will eventually lead to some form of a video interview. After all, recruiters want to put a face to the name and resume of potential candidates. Video interviews are a necessity for remote hiring but have also become the preferred interview choice for hybrid and on-site jobs. Mainly, one-way video interviews are a common step in the recruitment process where hirees can ask their preferred open-ended questions for a better assessment of work-related skills and personal traits. 

While hiring teams can stick with simple video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meets, there are dedicated video interviewing tools like Spark Hire to enhance the recruitment process. 

Spark Hire gives hiring managers the option to create customizable one-way interviews with candidates who will record themselves answering the set questions. While reviewing the video answers, recruiters can leave comments, score, and tag them for easy filtering on the go, significantly maximizing hiring efficiency. This form of interviewing also allows potential candidates to express themselves without the stress of a live interview.

This tool also allows recruiters to create shortlists, send out automated rejection emails, and easily schedule interviews by integrating with Google, iCloud, Outlook, and more. 

I believe the greatest perk of video interviewing software like Spark Hire is that recruiters can schedule and conduct interviews in bulk, at the candidates’ convenience, without sacrificing the quality or personal touch. 

Use it to: conduct one-way and face-to-face interviews with robust evaluation features.

Interviewer AI

Another great interviewing tool that made our cut is Interviewer AI – a video interviewing platform that helps businesses make better and faster hiring decisions. 

Ideal for one-way and face-to-face interviews, this software is powered by an AI engine that also assesses and scores written and recorded responses based on technical and psychological aspects.  

Interview AI’s pre-screening features help businesses shortlist the most relevant and promising candidates the moment they apply for your job opening by analyzing their CVs. After scoring each applicant, Interviewer AI crafts a detailed report highlighting who should be moved further down the candidate journey. 

This takes video interviewing software to the next level by utilizing its assessment and interview features only for the best candidates, allowing businesses to wisely allocate their time, money, and efforts and make better hiring decisions. 

Hiring teams can then create the most relevant questions for each job opening to evaluate each candidate’s hard and soft skills in the most efficient way possible. They then have the built-in AI as a second marker to give in-depth, objective, and data-driven insights on each candidate. Use it to: shortlist candidates and conduct video interviews.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive end-to-end service, you should definitely check out Ceipal’s TalentHire service. As an all-in-one ATS, CRM, and Workforce Management software, Ceipal helps you with every step of the recruitment process and beyond. Easily customizable to fit your requirements, this software helps you identify and screen applicants, and then seamlessly hire and onboard them. 

When it comes to automation, TalentHire can handle your recruitment workflows, whether that’s posting job openings, reviewing resumes, or sending out notifications. AI can help you streamline the entire process, enabling you to close more placements faster.

TalentHire enables you to access recruitment data from over 25 different social media sites, 30 job boards, and 25 vendor management system (VMS) portals. If there’s a relevant resume out there on the web, TalentHire will help you find it and add it to the system. It will then assess and rank candidates, including a ‘reverse compatibility score’ to see how likely a candidate will accept your position. You’ll also get tips on how to better attract more of your ideal candidates. 

The features extend beyond the initial recruitment process, including an e-boarding module that enables a fully digital onboarding experience. Fully customizable to your organization and workflow, Ceipal helps collect, distribute, and manage all relevant candidate information from multiple recruitment tools used by the HR department. The setup even includes a CRM for managing candidate relationships. 

Use it to: Track your applicants from initial sourcing through onboarding.


Coming close to the end of the hiring process, businesses have to bring together and organize all the various data, metrics, and assessments of each candidate. There’s no better way to do that than with a powerful candidate relationship management (CRM) tool like Gem. 

Chances are, hiring teams will use more than one software in their recruitment activities, and rather than jumping from one tool to another – Gem will store data from all of them under one roof. It can seamlessly integrate with over 50 recruitment tools, social channels, emails, calendars, and so much more to create the most relevant, all-powerful hiring stack for your company. 

It will create rich, detailed profiles for each candidate, including data from their screening, engagement, and assessments. Star candidates that didn’t get the job will be remembered later and can be re-engaged when a new opportunity arises. 

Gem helps create diverse hiring pipelines for each unique role for the most personalized candidate engagement and assessment, allowing businesses to hire more predictably at scale. With detailed analytics, you can use this software to optimize your entire hiring process and smarter allocate your time and budget for maximum efficiency. 

Use it to: sync recruitment data to build detailed candidate profiles and hiring pipelines.


You’ve marketed your job openings, attracted a large pool of the most qualified and relevant candidates, and shortlisted, assessed, and interviewed the best ones. Now it’s time to make the most important decision – who gets the job? 

While there’s no software or AI that can make the final decision for you, HiredScore is your best bet at getting an objective, fair review of each candidate. Easily integrated with your recruitment tech suite, this software uses AI to analyze all the gathered data points of each candidate to help hiring teams find the best person to join their company. 

Besides reviewing candidates, HiredScore provides action-driven recommendations to strategically match the most relevant finalists to each unique job opening, taking into account their CVs, assessments, interviews, and personality traits.

Being 100% compliant with US/EU privacy laws, HiredScore also provides an ethical way to use AI for storing, enriching, and analyzing all personal candidate information, allowing you to make the most informed hiring decisions with full peace of mind.     

Use it to: review candidates and provide unbiased recommendations. 


Finding the right hire for your company can be challenging and overwhelming, but using the right automation tools makes it a whole lot easier. Whether it’s introducing remote hiring processes or identifying the best talent for your new job opening, automation software allows hiring managers to spend less time searching and analyzing hundreds of resumes and more time engaging with their top candidates.

We hope this list will help you discover some of the best recruitment software on the market and level up your hiring process with automation.

Do you want to reach more of your candidates with personalized messaging? Reply enables recruiters with their outreach, providing personalization at scale, so you can reach out and make a good impression. Try it out today with a 14-day free trial.

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